The best second-hand shops and vintage stores in Budapest


  • Kollár Bálint

03/03/2015 1.15pm

There are many time portals in Budapest in the form of vintage shops that will transport you back to the fashion trends of past decades. There are even more second-hand shops packed with goodies for when you are running short on cash. We've collected the best of both kind of shops, so from now on you have no excuse for an empty wardrobe and no reason to say that you have nothing to wear!

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LoveBug Vintage


1027 Budapest, Margit körút 62.

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Feeling nostalgic for the times that won't be coming back? Contemporary fashion isn't your cup of tea? Or just looking for a small shop with clothes you won't see anywhere else? Well, luckily for you, LoveBug Vintage awaits vintage-fanatics with reasonable prices, a welcoming atmosphere, lovely clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, and a lot more. You can also buy the products of fresh-faced Hungarian designers like Papetri Paperworks. If you are still hesitating, here is our tip: they are pretty active on Instagram - so check them out and if you like what you see there, this is your shop.

Address: 1027 Budapest, Margit Boulevard 62.
Open: Monday - Friday 2pm - 7pm
Phone: +36 30 233 4739

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If you want to buy slightly used brand clothing at a cheap price, but don't want to look like someone from the Ramones, you should drop by Alterego on Erzsébet Körút. The store is a mix of a better quality second hand store and a skate shop. Besides the high chance of finding exciting clothes, you can also browse the brand new pieces of well-known brands. Alterego pulls off being trendy and alternative at the same time.

Alterego Shop
Address: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 4.

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1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2-4.

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The cheerful creative team at Retrock in Anker Köz near Király Street sells the coolest street wear that is just the right combination of vintage and designer for almost everyone to find a favourite must-have item. Unique creations made from used and recycled materials, clothes by Hungarian and international designers, accessories, a wide range of second-hand items, old movie posters, comics, bijou, and real treats. Retrock is a must!

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Ludovika VNTG Shop


1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 15.

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Ludovika on Rumbach Sebestyén Street is a real vintage stronghold; a treasure chest full of beautiful bags, romantic blouses, high-waisted denim pants, unique jackets and other trinkets. Krisztina Markó and Dóra Gyöngyösi's shop is a nice little find for collectors of vintage clothing and antiques too. Thanks to the generous opening hours, everyone can stop by even after work; because it's open until 8 in the evening.

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Antifactory Vintage Home Shop


1065 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 43.

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Imagine a small flat, where a young couple sells second-hand/vintage clothes: swimming suits, leather jackets, T-shirts, tote bags, all kinds of shoes and a lot more. They are the sellers, the models and the managers: a super cool paring of DIY-thinking and fashion-loving. No trends, just unique clothes, and as their slogan says: dare to do it. Before you pay a visit to their 'shop” contact them, because the opening hours are ever-changing.

Address: 1065 Budapest, Paulay Ede Street 58.
Phone: +36 20 255 6228

Photo: Second Chance Facebook

Second Chance


Second Chance on Király Street focuses on those clothes and brands that we couldn't live without, but which cost so much that we can hardly afford it. Luckily, this small shop gives them a second chance and puts a more customer-friendly price tag on them. Not to mention that the interior design is stylish and crazy, so even running through clothes will feel like a wild ride. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Photo: Mirá! Mirá! Facebook

Mirá! Mirá!


Nine out of ten people will surely say that Mirá! Mirá! is the best place if you are looking for second hand clothes for a really reasonable price. It's just a short walk from the 4/6 tram line and new clothes arrive every week - so if you are running low on cash or time, but need something new to wear, this is your place. Also, unlike some of the other shops mentioned in this roundup, this shop is for everybody: no matter how old you are or whether you're a girl or a boy, you'll surely find something here.

Address: 1027 Budapest, Margit Boulevard 5/B.
Open: Monday - Friday 10.30am - 7pm; Saturday 10am - 6pm
Phone: +36 30 727 2344

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Öltöző (Dressing Room)


Dressing Room is a designer second hand/vintage outlet. Entering here is like falling into the rabbit hole and waking up in Wonderland. The small shop is filled with so many gems that it's unlikely that you will leave empty handed. Bijoux, clothes, old postcards, jackets, shoes and more. Explore it for yourself, you must!

Address: 1075 Budapest, Síp Street 24.
Open: Wednesday - Friday 1pm - 7pm, Saturday noon - 7pm
Phone: +36 1 302 3926

Photo: Cydonia Vintage Facebook

Cydonia Vintage (ceased)


Cydonia Vintage is a fairytale-like shop, where you could browse for hours. Every shelf is packed with antique beauties, and there's a good supply of gorgeous, good-condition, mostly Hungarian vintage clothes and accessories. Some of the most unique and special things are from bequests, but there are also some pretty syrups and soaps from Levendulanyúl in Viola's wonderful shop too.

Other honourable mentions:


Some of the cheapest options for clothes in Budapest are to be found in second-hand shop chains like Háda, Angex and Humana – their stores can be found throughout Budapest and offer a wide variety of clothes. If you prefer the clothes of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Iguana is your place: all pieces are unique, everything is pre-selected, so only the most interesting pieces make it to the shop. If you are looking for elegant vintage clothes and accessories with a French touch Ómama is your place. You prefer British over French? It's not a surprise - the battle of Waterloo ended the same way. You might wanna check out the Get Dressed stores, since all of them are good options if you are looking for second-hand British clothes.

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