The best pools for swimming laps in Budapest


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26/02/2018 4.39pm

Swimming laps is a soothing experience and a great form of exercise. Over the past few months, several public pools in Budapest have been renovated and expanded, so here we collate the best places to go if you’d like to work on your beach body before swimsuit season starts. Find all important information below, from admission prices to pool specifications, plus opening hours. Oh, and don't forget your swimming cap, compulsory at nearly all pools.

Photo: Építészfórum

BVSC Swimming Complex


This newly-renovated swimming complex primarily welcomes the water polo teams and swimmers of the BVSC sports club, but sometimes also opens to casual swimmers. Always check availability before you leave, but generally mornings and evenings, one of the 25-meter-long pools will have all seven lanes free, with three or four unused during the day. The changing rooms and showers are spacious, there is a sauna and the electronic bracelet makes it comfortable and easy to get around. There are multiple hairdryers, so you do not have to bring your own. Bear in mind that swimming caps are compulsory in the pools – just like at almost all other pools. BVSC is best at weekends when there are not too many people around.

  • Admission: 2,200 HUF. Pass: 19,800 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pools: two 25-meter-long pools, one 50 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-8:30pm, Sat-Sun 6am-7:30pm
  • Address: 1142 Budapest, Szőnyi út 2
  • Website

Photo: Császár-Komjádi

Császár-Komjádi Swimming Pool



Császár-Komjádi, found on the Buda side, was turned into one complex, combining the 19th-century classicist Császár Baths and the Komjádi swimming complex built in 1976. The swimming pool was renovated in 2017, and is now open to the public. The changing rooms, hall, water supply system, ventilation and saunas were all modernized. Always check availability before you go as several professional sportsmen train and compete here. The website is not always up-to-date, so call them on +36 1 212 2750 or +36 1 326 1478.

  • Admission: 1,800 HUF. Pass: 15,300 HUF
  • Pools: 50 meters long and, covered, 25 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6am-7pm
  • Address: 1023 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 8
  • Website

Photo: Csillaghegy

Csillaghegyi Swimming Complex


The Csillaghegyi Complex is being renovated and expanded at the moment, but this winter, the 33-meter-long covered swimming pool is open to the public. This pool is slightly small, with only four lanes, but is filled with natural mineral water and is open all-year-round. Be careful if you dive in as the pool gradually deepens from 120cm to 240cm. It is never recommended to jump into a swimming pool anywhere – except for the first quick entry – but be especially careful here. The infra and Finnish saunas can be used for free with the same ticket. Besides availability, it is also worth checking prices, as in addition to regular student and senior discounts, tickets are generally cheaper in the mornings and evenings.

  • Admission: 1,900 HUF. Pass: 24,220 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pool: 33 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6am-8pm
  • Address: 1038 Budapest, Pusztakúti út 2-6
  • Website

Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky - We Love Budapest

Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Complex



The country’s first covered swimming pool was designed by Hungary’s first Olympic champion, Alfréd Hajós, who was also an architect. The Hajós is widely used by professional sportsmen, synchronized swimmers and water polo players. Don’t be put off however – it also welcomes casual swimmers as well, but always check availability as it can get somewhat crowded. And if you’re lucky, you can admire talented divers spinning around in the air while you catch your breath between laps. Due to recent renovation, the changing rooms and showers have been modernized and you can use the sauna with the same ticket. The newly renovated outdoor complex bears the name Széchy Tamás after the famous swimming coach, but it also forms part of the Hajós. Located on Margaret Island.

  • Admission: 1,800 HUF. Pass: 15,300 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pools: two covered 33-meter-long pools and two open 50 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat-Sun 6am-5pm
  • Address: 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget
  • Website

Photo: Mányoki Úti Swimming Pool

Mányoki úti Swimming Pool


If you are looking for a smaller alternative to large swimming complexes, you can try Mányoki in the mornings and evenings. It is generally closed during the day due to sports lessons for students of two nearby universities, but before 8am and after 6pm you’re free to enter. Although this pool needs a little renovation as the changing rooms are a bit outdated, it is nicely priced, with morning monthly passes for 22,000 HUF, allowing you to swim between 6am and 8am every day of the week.

  • Admission: 2,000 HUF. Pass: 18,000 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pool: 25 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6am-8am & 6pm-8:45pm
  • Address: 1118 Budapest, Mányoki út 9
  • Website

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Budapest

MOM Sport


MOM Sport is an ideal place for a few quick laps early in the morning or late in the evening, as the opening hours stretch from 6am to 10pm. There are two big pools here – one indoor and one outdoor – and it is possible to buy a swimming ticket for two hours. The outdoor pool can be used without a swimming cap. Upon entry, you are given an electronic bracelet to allow you open access. There are saunas (Finnish and aromatic), as well as a steam cabin and a pool with massage jets. It is recommended to check availability before you go, as if there is swimming tutoring – also available here – the remaining lanes may get a bit busy. Just like at many other swimming pools, there are some unwritten rules here, too: it is polite to leave inner lanes free for faster swimmers, and follow a counter-clockwise direction.

  • Admission: 1,800 HUF for 2hrs. Pass: 17,000 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pools: 25 meters long inside, 33 meters long outside, covered in winter
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
  • Address: 1123 Budapest, Csörsz u. 14-16
  • Website

Photo: Ú

Nyéki Imre


This swimming pool – built in 1988 – is located a bit further out from the city center on Kondorosi út. There are altogether eight lanes in the 50-meter-long pool, but during the week, half are busy due to various training sessions. It is advisable to come here on a Saturday, when all the lanes are generally free.

  • Admission: 2,000 HUF. Pass: 17,500 HUF for 10 visits
  • Pool: 50 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Wed, Sat-Sun 6am-8pm, Thur-Fri 6am-7pm
  • Address: 1116 Budapest, Kondorosi út 14
  • Website

Photo: Attila Polyák - We Love Budapest



Palatinus was expanded with a covered complex in 2017, so now one of the oldest and most popular pools in Budapest is open all-year-round. A new spa area has been unveiled; the indoor section includes a thermal pool with healing waters, a children’s pool, warm and cold plunge pools, and saunas. There is also an outdoor thermal pool, as well as a 40-meter-long swimming pool outside. If you are feeling fit, you have the chance to buy a so-called running ticket for three hours, which enables you to enter twice. This way, you can drop your stuff, run around the island on the rubberized running track and come back for a swim and sauna afterwards.

  • Admission: 2,400 HUF or 2,000 HUF for the 3-hour running ticket
  • Pools: 40 meters plus 2 thermal pools
  • Opening Hours: Daily 8am-8pm
  • Address: 1103 Budapest, Soós Rezső sétány 1
  • Website

Photo: Paskál




In the past, Paskál was only open in the summer, but in 2016, it was expanded with a covered area, enriching Budapest with yet another thermal bath that stays open all year round. The covered area includes a 12-meter-long pool, one filled with mineral waters, a children’s pool and a sauna, but if you’d like just to swim, look out for the swimming pool that is covered in winter.

  • Admission: (2hrs) 1,600 HUF, weekends 1,800 HUF
  • Pool: 33 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6am-8pm
  • Address: 1141 Budapest, Egressy út 178/f
  • Website

Photo: Norbert Juhász - We Love Budapest




This swimming complex has been welcoming casual swimmers since autumn 2017. However, the opening hours are rather limited, so it is best to come here during the day. To avoid unpleasant surprises check availability and the dates of sports events before you go. The changing rooms are cutting-edge and spacious.

  • Admission: 1,000 HUF
  • Pools: 25 meters long and 50 meters long
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-6pm
  • Address: 1117 Budapest, Hevesy György út 
  • Website

Outer Districts


If you don’t mind the journey, there are a few swimming pools in the outer districts of Budapest that are expansive – housing pools of 25 meters or 33 meters – and are a lot cheaper than the more central complexes listed above. These include the SMTK’s Swimming Pool in Pesterzsébet, the Szentmihályi Swimming Pool, Halassy Olivér in Újpest, and the pools at Erzsébetliget and in Kispest. Their opening hours are friendly, most open early and close at around 8-10pm. Most have a sauna, and they are never really too crowded.

Other Options


Corvin Life 1
Admission: 2,590 HUF. Pass: 22,900 HUF/month
Pool/Facilities: 23 meters long, plus 2 saunas (Finnish & aromatic), steam cabin and jacuzzi
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-10pm, Sat-Sun 8am-8pm
Address: 1082 Budapest, Futó utca 48-50

Rudas Baths
Admission (9am-noon & after 6pm): 1,700 HUF. Pass: 31,875 HUF for 15 visits
Pool: 20.5 meters long
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Address: 1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9

Admission: 1,490 HUF. Pass: 12,990 HUF for 10 visits
Pool: 25 meters long
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-7:30am & 5pm-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 8am-6:30pm
Address: 1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 29/B

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