The 4 Michelin Starred restaurants in Budapest


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10/03/2015 1.00am

Budapest's first restaurant to receive a Michelin Star was Costes in 2010. Since then three other restaurants have joined it in this most prestigious group of fine dining restaurants. Just this year Budapest's fourth restaurant to make the cut - Tanti - received a Michelin Star; a huge feat considering Tanti had only been open about half a year. With the release of the 34th edition of the French Michelin Guide books, we take a look at Hungary's Michelin Starred restaurants. If you have a special event coming up you should visit one too - it will be a most memorable and treasured experience.


Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Costes Restaurant (Temporarily closed)


1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 4.

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Costes was the first restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star in 2010. We recommend this gastro powerhouse for the celebration of special events or to impress business partners. With its minimalist, modern interior, and its silverware and crystalware, Costes radiates elegant 21st century bistro vibes.

The kitchen of Costes is led by the masterful Portuguese chef, Miguel Rocha Vieira, who learned the art of food from the best in the trade. His innovative methods guarantee perfect results. The menu is constantly changing, making good use of seasonal changes. The restaurant is not only among the best in Hungary, but boasts of an excellent wine selection too. Among the 300+ types of wine from Hungary and all around the world, you can bump into several hidden gems.

Photo: Onyx

Onyx (Closed)


1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8.


The in-demand restaurant Onyx is found in the beautiful Gerbeaud House at sharing the same roof as the world-famous Gerbeaud confectionery. The furniture is ultra-elegant while the kitchen is stunningly ambitious. Onyx has a secure spot among the elite, fine dining restaurants of Budapest with its re-interpreted, extravagantly executed Hungarian dishes. Since 2011, when it first joined Costes as a Michelin Starred restaurant, it has made the cut of this most prestigious guide book award. Seasonal ingredients and of course perfection in every course - this is what we have come to expect at Onyx. You can, of course, choose from the best Hungarian and international wines. This is a most successful fusion restaurant with award-winning chefs in the heart of Budapest.

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1051 Budapest, Sas utca 3.

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Borkonyha is located near . This restaurant/wine bar blends a simple French bistro, a Hungarian family restaurant, and a wine shop and bar. Its selection contains 200 types of mostly Hungarian wines from wineries small and large. The kitchen works with the freshest ingredients which can be procured each day and each season, which ensures variety. Chef Ákos Sárközi likes to draw inspiration from Transylvanian cuisine, but he also likes to incorporate Spanish, French and Italian influences.

The name translates to 'wine kitchen' and while the wine selection is wide and flexible and the kitchen rich in flavours, the service is informal and friendly. Small wonder that Borkonyha got its first Michelin Star in 2014 and remains in the prestigious group 2015!

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Tanti Restaurant



In the autumn of 2014 Tanti Restaurant in Buda joined Budapest's restaurant scene with a new concept and the promise of becoming a grandmaster of rethought Hungarian dishes. Beautiful design, fusion food and paired-back tastes, the restaurant quickly became an important focal point on Budapest's gastro map. Tanti's quick success, having only opened in September 2014, has proven to have definitive results because it's won a place in the 34th Michelin Guide becoming Budapest's fourth Michelin Starred restaurant.
The name is a reference to the Hungarian word 'tánti” - an aunt with the best cooking. The place itself has a pleasant and nice atmosphere. This prestigious recognition of Tanti's rapid achievements - having not even taken a year to get international recognition in the Michelin Guide, Editor Rebecca Burr praised its “great cooking and simple artistry. This is a stylish modern restaurant and the kitchen delivers ‘clean’, fresh flavours and shows a real understanding of ingredients.”

Others in the 34th Michelin Guide


In the good value at a reasonable price category (the Bib Gourmand award) Laci Konyha joined Déryné Bisztró.

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