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14/09/2023 4.06pm

If you are a football fan, you don't need the World Cup or the European Championship to enjoy watching matches. Visiting a sports pub with your friends and passionately cheering for your favourite teams is an activity that stands on its own. And with Champions League group stage matches taking place soon, there is even more to follow. So, if you are all up for a lads' (or ladies') night out, read on to discover the best sports pubs and bars in Budapest.

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Champs Sport Pub


1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 20.


Champs is a proud resident of the party district, but unlike most bars in the area, it opens as early as midday. While it might not be a spot for dancing the night away (closing at 11:30 pm and 2 am on Saturdays), you can surely rely on it for enjoying matches. The use of the plural form is not a coincidence; here, you can follow several games simultaneously thanks to the numerous screens. What's more, on weekends you can cheer on your favourite teams nonstop (or at least until your voice needs a break) and admire the array of sports relics while ordering the next round of pints.

Photo: Stifler Ház

Stifler Ház


1074 Budapest, Dob u. 19.

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Not far from Champs, Stifler Ház is a proper entertainment centre. Open from 5 pm to 6 am daily, this spot offers a combination of a club with four dance floors, a game room, and a sports pub all under one roof. It's an ideal spot to enjoy matches broadcast on TV, with the convenience of several games airing simultaneously. What's more, you can even catch the action on a massive LED screen. If you opt for it, you can also settle into a box and connect your own devices. When hunger strikes, the sumptuous burgers from Beer & Burger, located right on-site, have got you covered. And if you are up for some activities between matches, you can hit the dance floor, sign up for some foosball and pinball, or check out the massive billiard room that boasts 10 tables. Entry is free every day, all day. (x)

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Bajor Sport Pub & Gastro


1024 Budapest, Margit körút 73.


Follow the path of tram 4/6 to Buda and step into this Bavarian sports bar. Bajor Sport Pub & Gastro brings together German football and a Bavarian way of life. The bar' counter resembles the Bayern München stadium, and the food menu showcases delicacies of Bavarian cuisine. However, when it comes to matches, it is not limited to German games alone. For instance, you can follow the Champions League and Hungarian matches here, too.

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Fogadó Sport Pub


1116 Budapest, Fehérvári út 124.


In a more residential area of Buda (Újbuda), Fogadó Sport Pub is a 250 square-metre bar that warmly welcomes sports and betting enthusiasts (the name is a pun: meaning both a tavern and a place where you can bet). However, don't expect anything too serious or official here. Tipping and speculating are simply friendly ways to engage more deeply with the games. The staff is quick in serving food and drinks, and you can easily fill the gap between two matches with some enjoyable pub games. (x)

Photo: Morrison's 2

Morrison's 2


1055 Budapest, Szent István körút 11.

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Morrison's 2, on Grand Boulevard, is a big classic and a melting pot for young people – ask any Erasmus or university student about it. Open from Monday to Saturday (6 pm - 6 am), you can not only make the most out of its cocktail deals and 7 dance floors but catch sports broadcasts on two enormous screens and several TVs, too. Grab some snacks, pizza, and drinks (unlimited packages are available) to enjoy the games even more, and once the match is over, stay on for some serious partying. You can enter the club free of charge before 9 pm.

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1113 Budapest, Bocskai út 33.


Pigvin is a legendary pub in Budapest's 11th district, recognisable by its emblematic neon sign. Inside, you can relish watching matches on two large screens while indulging in complimentary snacks and enjoying drink discounts. It's also worth a visit even when matches aren't aired, as Pigvin also hosts karaoke nights

Photo: Winners Sport & Music Pub - Facebook

Winners Sport & Music Pub


1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 40–42.


Located in the middle of downtown Budapest, this 2-year-old sports bar quickly became a crowd-favourite spot. 14 TVs and a massive screen await football fans – as many as 110 people. If you wish to follow a match only with your chosen circle, you can also rent the VIP room. If there is no game, you can still pop in for some partying.

Photo: Pas/sport Pub

Pas/sport Pub


1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 12.


Nestled in the residential area of Buda, Pas/sport carries on the legacy of a previous emblematic sports bar. You can watch the games on large screens and TVs, and even gather in 2 separate rooms, each accommodating 15-25 people at a time. During the football season, drink deals are offered to elevate the atmosphere. While football games are first in line when it comes to broadcasts, you can also catch other sports events.

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Stifler32 Bar & Club


1072 Budapest, Rákóczi út 32.


Stifler32 Bar & Club, just a stone's throw away from Blaha Lujza tér, is open every day (check the opening times). Here you can keep up with sports broadcasts on numerous screens, even enjoying multiple matches simultaneously. Groups of friends can opt for a box that comes with a dedicated TV for a more private experience. If you are feeling hungry, you can indulge in a burger from Deep Burger. Even when there is no match on, you can still get entertained thanks to 8 billiard tables. Entry is free all night, and starting in the autumn, you can hit the dance floor, too. (x)

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Little Italy


1077 Budapest, Király utca 103.


Sitting in the quieter section of Király utca (near Kodály körönd), Little Italy is primarily a pizzeria. However, it offers more than just scrumptious Italian dough; it is also a football haven, particularly with an Italian flair. This means you can feast your eyes on an array of football relics, most of them featuring Maradona, all while enjoying pizza, pasta, and football during your visit. If you plan to come on a match day, be sure to book a table.

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