9 highlights of Budapest Design Week 2020


  • Zsanett Fürdős

10/2/2020 11:12 AM

The focus for Budapest Design Week this year is the website, where content is constantly updated – but there will also be live activities and exhibitions. BDW 2020 is built around the theme of the circular economy. Here are nine great highlights!

Photo: Budapest Design Hét

360 Design Budapest Exhibition


The Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency awaits visitors both online and offline at the 360 Design Budapest event series between 8 and 10 October. The exhibition highlights the special ability of design to bring colour into our everyday lives. Through various exhibitions and roundtable discussions, visitors can gain an insight into the creative processes of key artists and designers.

Aulich exhibition hall, District V. Aulich utca 4-6
8 October, 4pm-6pm; 9-10 October, 10am-6pm

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest

Design fair at B32


The B32 Gallery and Cultural Space on trendy Bartók Béla út offers exhibitions of fine and applied arts exhibitions, as well as contemporary theatre and live music. Organised by jewellery designers Ágnes Bartha and Fanni Király, renowned creatives are regularly invited to exhibit and sell here, not least during BDW. Names include Klára Abaffy, Judit Bráda, Márta Edőcs and Réka Tóth-Vásárhelyi.

B32 Gallery & Cultural Space, District XI. Bartók Béla út 32
10 October, 11am-7pm

Photo: Budapest Design Hét



The Pasarét Kápolna co-working and exhibition space is home to creative projects whose organisers, dovetailing in their respective fields, look for new ways to combine economic, social, business and artistic initiatives in the spirit of mutually strategic co-operation. The ‘capsule’ space, equipped with unique designer furniture, can be rented for private events, and here offers visitors a special atmosphere, private silence and secrecy – kápolna means ‘chapel’. For Budapest Design Week, you can watch the EJTECH team's interactive installation Pulse, which requires a physical presence and is completed by visual teasers broadcast on virtual channels.

Kápolna, District II. Kelemen László utca 13
2-3 October, 2pm-7pm

Photo: Budapest Design Hét

Hello Wood/Zsuzsi Matok


Food designer Zsuzsi Matok shows how design thinking appears in gastronomy with alternative forms of base crops we should be familiar with, enhanced by the use of special techniques and raw materials that we may not necessarily know. It complements all this with an exciting workshop, with a completely cosmic experience when the lights are turned off and the special, extreme yet healthy desserts made exclusively from natural ingredients will start to illuminate...

Also at MaxCity just outside Budapest, urban innovators Hello Wood will be creating a unique construction in three days’ straight. Known for their city-friendly solutions such as the inner-city leisure areas in summer and at Christmas, the HW crew will be demonstrating the simplicity of wood, glass and metal with the Cabin. This modern prefabricated house will be home to exhibitions, professional discussions and relaxation during Design Week.

MaxCity, 2045 Törökbálint, Tópark utca 1/A, 2nd floor
5-10 October, 10am-8pm; 11 October 10am-7pm
Zsuzsi Matok, food-design workshop Flavours in the Dark: 9 October, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
Hello Wood Cabin construction live on site: 5-7 October. Opening: 8 October, 6pm

Photo: Budapest Design Hét



Those interested in architecture can get an idea what’s stirring in the minds of young designers when creating an apartment thanks to this exhibition at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME). The show is a kind of closing event for second-year students, displaying drawings and mock-ups created during the semester. It also conveys the latest trends in Hungarian residential building design, provides an opportunity to open up the self-contained nature of architecture by reaching out to those outside the profession.

Budapest University of Technology & Economics (BME), Department of Residential Design (K Building K, 2nd floor/73) , District XI. Műegyetem rakpart 3
8-22 October

Photo: Budapest Design Hét

WAMP Design Fair


For more than ten years, WAMP has been the city’s unmissable design fair, home to high-quality products and a showcase for young creatives. The organisers place great emphasis on social responsibility and values, consciously looking for local, national and global issues to contribute to solutions. Together with their partners in this year’s themed agenda of circular economics, they offer a colourful day of design-friendly attractions on 4 October.

Sirály sétány (MOM), District XII. Csörsz utca 18
4 October, 10am-6pm

Photo: Budapest Design Hét

Circular economy/Covid-19 design videos


The backbone of this year’s BDW is self-developed online content. This video series introduces special initiatives and businesses focusing on the circular economy, as well as creative ways to combat the issues caused by Covid-19. The short films tackle the topic of 3D-printed face masks and a number of other exciting community design initiatives, such as a quarantine cookbook by gastro blogger Zsófia Mautner and graphic designer Viktória Hitka, and the simulation board game Histheory, which contemplates the possible outcomes of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Photo: Design Without Borders Facebook

Design Without Borders


Launched 15 years ago, this independent exhibition and arts event series has become one of the most important of its kind in the region. It now presents the works of over 100 designers, jewellery creators and visual artists from 14 countries. In addition to designer objects, visitors can see object simulations, contemporary jewellery, works that ended up as virtual creations on account of the pandemic, projects that focus on eco-consciousness and social responsibility, and those with a liberal approach to generic boundaries.

Films also feature, as well as works that explore the cultural and creative aspects of gastronomy. The exhibition will be accompanied by multi-arts and professional events, contemporary dance and music performances, and themed guided tours by curators.

Photo: Budapest Design Hét

Loffice Podcast


The recently launched podcast series from co-working space Loffice is by, for and about its community. This exciting English-language podcast episode is all about the new Loffice building on Salétrom utca. Built in the edgy District VIII, on the site of a former bordello, the brand new creative playground offers an energy-efficient smart building with minimal ecological footprint, including an events hall & inner courtyard, community rooftop & kitchen, co-living apartments & studio offices. Hosted by one of the owners and creative strategists of Loffice, the guests will be the creators of the façade: Hungarian contemporary artist Marcell Esterházy and Dutch graphic designer Willem van de Ven. Renewing the street scene as well, a storyboard has been devised thanks to Marcell’s focus on proper use of materials and technique, and Willem’s sophisticated, associative and playful graphics, and visual concept.

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