7 fun underground bars in Budapest’s 7th District


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11/15/2019 4:05 PM

Budapest is bursting at the seams with nightlife options. Everyone frequents the usual haunts, but there’s a whole world beneath our feet that’s lesser-known, one of cellar bars with arched brick ceilings, their interiors converted into cosy watering holes. Being underground, they’re easily missed by the unobservant passer-by, who might walk past without realising what they’re missing. You just need to know where to look.

The famed party zone of the 7th District has many such cellar bars, providing the thirsty wanderer with an alternative place to buy a beer. You might not get any mobile reception down here, but you should find a decent drink!

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest

Diófa Pinyó


Buzzing underground bar in the Jewish District

Located in the heart of the Jewish District, this cosy pub is usually full of young people. For your entertainment pleasure, there is a foosball table and darts, and live music on some days. The bar staff are friendly, the beer is cheap, and the walls are decorated in fun murals, done by one of the bartender’s friends. All in all, it’s tight quarters, but a great atmosphere, and the bar is open until 3am.

More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Cheap underground bar in the Jewish District
WHERE: District VII. Nagy Diófa utca 29

Photo: Yellow Zebra Bar

Yellow Zebra Bar


Party district bar open till 4am

Located just down the street from the Szimpla, this micro brew cellar pub is a bit more on the partying side of things, and often features live music. There’s also food available, including tasty goulash to accompany your beer. The place can get quite crowded, being in the party district, but the staff are friendly and speak English, and the doors stay open till 4am. The bar is a part of the Yellow Zebra Bike Rentals company, so you may see its name around town. Credit cards are accepted.

More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Two-room cellar bar in the party district
WHERE: District VII. Kazinczy utca 5

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest

Guri Serház


Craft beer bar with 20 beers on tap

Located just steps from Keleti, this cellar bar is a great place to try craft beer. In fact, it’s got “CRAFT BEER” painted on its entrance! There are 20 beers on tap, all lined up behind the bar, from hoppy IPAs to banana-flavoured wheat beers. A personal favourite is the Barack O’Bama, a peach beer which is fruity without being too sweet. There is a small outdoor seating area above ground, which makes the bar more visible on the street, and is usually populated by locals and foreigners fresh out of the metro. Beer can be served in full pints, half pints, and even as take-away upon request. Do note that the bar is cash-only.

For more information on available beers and opening times can be found on the bar’s Facebook page.

WHAT: Craft beer cellar bar near Keleti
WHERE: District VII. Bethlen Gábor utca 3

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest

Klisé Bár


Cheap underground bar with games and live music

A two-room cellar bar just a short walk from Keleti, Klisé is marked with a distinctive barrel-shaped entrance and double doors, which offers a clue to the observant patron about the substances within. The fun decorations inside range from old albums glued to the walls, to Sesame Street drawings, comics, quotes and other artwork. There are even board games available, if you feel like engaging your drinking-mates in some friendly competition, as well as weekly quiz nights, karaoke, movie screenings and live music. You won’t feel disconnected for long either, because there’s free WiFi available.

More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Underground bar near Keleti with live music and board games
WHERE: District VII. Rottenbiller utca 6A

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest

Óbester Borozó


Family-operated bar since 1989

Around the corner from the Klisé is the Óbester Borozó. Wine is in the name, but spirits, beer and food are all available as well. A husband-and-wife team run the bar, which has been operating since 1989, and are friendly and talkative to guests. It’s not a place to get rowdy, but definitely a pleasant spot to reminisce with old friends, or enjoy a cheeky drink after dinner. You’ll be sure to find locals in this cosy winery.

More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Cosy winery run by husband-and-wife team
WHERE: District VII. Huszár utca 5

Photo: Klub Vittula



Popular underground grunge bar

This grunge, all-brick, bunker-like bar is one of the most famous underground dives in the city. Its name is Finnish for the c-word, so it’s no surprise that it attracts an edgy and eccentric crowd within its graffiti-splashed walls. The bar is cash-only, but the serving staff are friendly, the beer is cheap, and the reviews by locals and tourists alike are rave. It’s worth noting that Jennifer Lawrence was spotted in the Vittula while filming Red Sparrow. She later recounted the tale of getting into a bar fight with a rude fan, and while the location wasn’t specified, it could very well have been Vittula. So keep your wits about you when attending, or you might face Jennifer Lawrence in the flesh! (We can think of worse fates.) More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Grunge bar
WHERE: District VII. Kertész utca 4

Photo: Prága Music Pub

Prága Music Pub


Bohemian-themed bar with fine Czech beers and food

Just across the street from the Vittula is the Bohemian-themed Prága Music Pub. Fine Czech beers and cuisine are featured on the menu, such as Černa Hora, Chodovar, Permon and Litovel. A little stage in the back is the frequent scene of live music. Every Thursday features tunes from a different region, and Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for blues and jazz. Again, this bar is cash-only.

More information can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

WHAT: Music bar with Czech beer
WHERE: District VII. Kertész utca 3

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