Dating can be casual, with fun moments, but it needs a supportive, intimate, romantic, mysterious, and homely environment. Where both parties can sit back comfortably and the conversation just flows, making the hours seem like minutes. Choose wisely, according to your budget, mood, shared memories, time of day, and season. We've listed 10 places that are brilliant for first dates, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.



It's cosy, old-style, and loved by all ages. Opened in 2016, Cintányéros is frequented by locals and regulars, so you will not enter a touristy spot. It is a place with good wines, beers, grilled sandwiches, and sausages, not to mention the over 100-year-old pianino plays from time to time. It's worth booking for your date night to make sure you don't miss out. Downstairs, you'll be close to the bar and the streetlights, and upstairs in the gallery you'll find a more intimate atmosphere.


Al Dente

If you both love Italian cuisine (who doesn't?), the orderly chaos, and the bohemian atmosphere, Al Dente is a great choice. There are no checkered tablecloths and Amalfi Coast street scenes on the walls, only authentic and affordable Italian food, friendly and easy-going staff, and a pleasant buzz. The space is tiny, and the tables are close together, but the background noise guarantees that your words will only reach the right person.


Doblo Wine & Bar

There are plenty of wine bars in the city, but the Doblo is a classic, and thanks to its romantic design, it's an ideal place for a date. It's dimly lit, there are a few extra date tables, and candles are always burning in the Dob Street wine bar. Every day from 8:30 pm, we can toast to live music, which is always a plus. Don't be afraid to ask questions and explore, because they know their stuff and always have a surprise in store.


Freya – the croissant story

A visit to Freyja can even be a surprise for your special one. If they love buttery, artisan pastries, it's worth taking them to this croissant heaven in Pest or Buda. These artistic pastries are on a whole new level, they can brighten up the day or kick-start an afternoon/evening. The delicious croissants, cruffins, roulés, and giant cookies are enough to start a first or second date or surprise a breakfast-lover partner. If you are into gluten, lactose, and sugar, you simply can't go wrong.



Ensō brings the atmosphere of Japanese izakaya. It has a particularly alternative interior and a rather mysterious location, given that a single red neon sign on Baross Street (only from one side) indicates that something is waiting for you over the gate. You have to take your curious date by the hand, you can even whisper that something magical is about to happen. And you'd be right: they offer fusion Asian food with a hint of exoticism, and the drinks will help you relax. Plus, they always have oysters, which can be tasted for the first time together, as a lasting memory.


Jedermann Café

Jazz club at its best, with great jamming sessions, famous artists and lasting musical memories. Stepping into Jedermann brings to life a favourite scene from a romantic film, where the couple makes their way out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a similar boho place, leaving behind the problems, the noise, the stress, and it's just them, the music, and the spirit of the place. Many people come for coffee, wine, beer, and rum, maybe not even realizing that the club has become a living legend in the past 13 years on Ráday Street. 


La Nube

La Nube is a nice addition to the repertoire on Bartók Béla Boulevard, offering delicious tapas and a selection of fine wines to make your visit unforgettable. We like it because it's small and cosy, with the atmosphere of a Madrid tapas bar. By sharing our plates, tasting, and philosophising a lot, we made the conclusion that the Spanish sharing style loved by so many catalyses the joy of eating together.


M. Restaurant

M. Restaurant is an enchanted little brasserie in the 7th district, which has somehow always stood out among Budapest restaurants with its spontaneous, lively vibes and policy of keeping rules in a closed cupboard. It's a charming, inviting place with great cuisine (the current menu changes every day) and lots of drawings and stories. A perfect dating spot, especially for established couples who want to do something different, unusual, special; something to the heart (and stomach) in the evening.

If you are looking to have Valentine's Day dinner here, make sure to book a table.


Prime Steak & Wine

Follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Ronaldinho, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Hanks and Jason Momoa, and dine at the elegant Prime Steak & Wine, but make it Valentine's Day! You can trust the top quality of the meat, the friendly service, and the glamorous atmosphere in the vicinity of the Basilica to level up your dining experience. For February 14th, the team even adds extra touches, such as romantic live music and – upon request – a bottle of champagne or flowers, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

More info here


Aria Hotel

Staying in the vicinity of the Basilica, the Aria Hotel and its restaurant Café Liszt is another prime dating spot. The hotel takes its inspiration from music, which explains the giant piano keyboard on the floor in the lobby, setting the scene for a romantic evening. On Valentine's Day, a special treat awaits: you can not only enjoy a three-course dinner but watch 'The Bodyguard' (starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner) in the cinema room beforehand.

More info here.