Budapest’s Castle District is a must-see place where tourists flock in great numbers in every season, and where locals like to go for a sweet stroll on weekends and in the evenings. As there are several iconic landmarks concentrated in a relatively small area, and the panorama is absolutely unbeatable, the Castle District is the perfect place to walk around exploring the city’s historic and more serene side. When in Budapest, you’ll end up here sooner or later, so we’ve collected six reliable restaurants for a great meal.


Pierrot Café & Restaurant

If you’d like to try traditional Hungarian dishes with a modern twist, elegant yet laid-back Pierrot is always a great choice. Over the past 41 years – it’s been open since 1982 – besides local patrons, the restaurant has attracted many famous people as well from Anthony Hopkins to Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. But the best thing is that thanks to a sophisticated but friendly atmosphere, you’ll have fun here even if you’re not an A-lister. If you’re after something Hungarian, you can try a traditional rooster broth, a hearty beef cheek goulash or chicken paprikash, but international dishes like Rib Eye steak or burrata ravioli also feature on the menu. Our insider tip is that when the weather is nice, the back garden is absolutely lovely.


21 - Hungarian bistro

While its name may sound like a tongue twister at first glance, at least it will be easy to remember where to find this restaurant, as it’s located under no. 21 on Fortuna utca. But what does 21 mean? Traditional Hungarian dishes in 21st-century style. The look and feel of the restaurant is not old-school though; this is a cool and laid-back place where you can try those beloved Hungarian flavours with a more contemporary, modern twist. Everything from fish soup to Hungarian meaty pancakes and chocolate sponge cake is made of high-quality ingredients, and you can pair your food with a glass of wine from the list featuring strictly only Hungarian bottles.


Pest-Buda Bistro

Pest-Buda is one where you can even spend the night, as a rustic boutique hotel is located right above the restaurant. This isn’t just your usual overpriced hotel restaurant though, but rather a friendly venue where you’ll feel like visiting a Hungarian grandmother. Just like a good grandmother, the restaurant takes care of guests from breakfast to dinner, and the dishes are traditional, without many modern twists and tricks – they are served exactly how locals love them. The all-time favourites are the beef stew, the homemade duck liver and the breaded, deep-fried chicken or trout, and the wine list includes some excellent local reds, whites and sparkling wines.


Baltazár Budapest

Baltazár is a big favourite in Budapest, and it is as cool of a restaurant as they get. It boasts a romantic cobble-stoned terrace, a playful atmosphere and a unique design. Grilled dishes are prepared to perfection in a handmade Josper charcoal grill, and there are also gourmet street food, plates for sharing, great vegetarian options, melt-in-the-mouth meats and Hungarian classics. Baltazár is upscale yet down-to-earth, the food is excellent, the ingredients are always fresh and high-quality, and the drinks are decadent, featuring great cocktails and gin & tonics besides outstanding wines.


Fekete Holló

Fekete Holló is a newcomer on one of the district’s most charming streets, but an establishment has operated here on and off since as early as 1930. In the 60s, Fekete Holló was an iconic watering hole in the Castle District, where people flocked religiously to try ’Aunt Rosie’s’ – the beloved redhead cook’s  – hearty and honest dishes. The happy-go-lucky atmosphere still lingers, and if you’re after fuss-free, traditional Hungarian dishes, this is the place to go. There are hearty soups, Hungarian vegetable roux, Hungarian ratatouille and schnitzels galore. These are best consumed with a drought beer or a good Hungarian fröccs (wine spritzer). If you want to see how the locals do Sunday lunch, to Fekete Holló it is.


Jamie Oliver's Italian Budapest

Jamie Oliver’s franchise restaurant hardly needs an introduction, but in Budapest, you can try the British star chef’s iconic pizzas, pastas, primi and secondi dishes in an outstanding location, just steps away from breathtaking Matthias Church. The spacious interior is modern and laid-back, and the terrace offers an amazing view. You can order local and Italian wines, craft beers and Jamie’s special cocktails with your food. The dishes are outstanding, the portions are enough, and the atmosphere is just as intimate as it is modern and convincing  – it  is pretty much everything you’d expect from a Jamie’s joint.