Although most of us love to shop for Christmas gifts, it's easy to get disillusioned when we think of the crowds of people in the malls or the overpriced knick-knacks. Luckily, getting ready for the holidays doesn't have to be like that. In our selection, we've brought you tips on places in Budapest where you can shop second-hand. Whether it's vintage clothes, toys, or home furnishings, you'll find a present that has its own story. As well as turning the whole gift-buying frenzy into an adventurous treasure hunt, your wallets and the environment will be grateful for your decision, not to mention the charities you support. Need more reason than that?



Vintage, glam, trash, animal print, rose patterns, and loads of colours – Konfekció is the place to buy gifts for loved ones who are certainly conscious about their style. In the boutique of art historian, curator, and feminist influencer Kata Oltai, you'll find a selection of often extravagant clothes and accessories that give the wearer a bold, unique look.

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If you're looking for a gift in Margitka, it's worth investing some time in shopping, as there's a small gallery in the back, alongside second-hand vintage clothes by local designers. This already makes the shop one-of-a-kind, but it also has some real treasures for those who prefer elegance and more sophisticated brands: you can find items by Alma Vetlényi, LOZAR, Éniseztérzem (with cool Hungarian slogans), and TE Shoes, but there are also accessories and small decorative items for sale.
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Retro Retikül

Retro Retikül doesn't lie about its name (retikül means vintage handbag), it evokes the style of bygone eras in a shop on Dózsa György Road. Around the shelves are a plethora of retro cups, pearl necklaces, and big hoop earrings, but there are also hats and shawls in abundance. There surely are gifts to be found for purse fanatics here; just take a look up, where you can see handbags of all shapes, sizes, and colours hanging from the ceiling, all at a uniform and reasonable price.

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Although there are plenty of clothes in Franc, they don't dominate the shop, and the colourful boutique next to the MANYI Cultural Workshop is far from being a thrift shop. It's a good place to stop by when you have no idea what to get for Christmas, which, let's face it, happens far too often. Gabi Dosport, Judit Gyüre, and Soraya Hegyesi will be glad to help you find what you're looking for and share the stories behind each item. There's everything that falls into the vintage category, from home furnishings to ornaments and paintings, and you certainly won't leave empty-handed.

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E 40 Design

If a loved one is in the process of a home renovation, you're sure to find a gift for them at E40 Design on Nagytétényi Road. The small retro realm offers a selection of mid-century, vintage, and loft-style pieces, furniture, lamps, and other furnishings in both restored and original condition. In the run-up to Christmas, there will be a boost in ceramics and glass decorations, and in addition to the items for sale, you can also check out their collection of retro decors. The shop has fixed opening hours a few times a month and is open by appointment on weekdays.

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At artKRAFT, you can choose from a selection of furnishings that have an exciting history at first glance. Shop manager Katalin Baracsi doesn't try to hide it, in fact, this is the beauty and uniqueness of the furniture, lamps, and ornaments, which are of a rustic style or from folk culture. When we shop here, we ourselves continue the story, reimagine and reinterpret objects that belonged somewhere else decades ago.

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SZIA Charity Shop

The importance of charity shops no longer needs to be stressed, but when it comes to shopping for gifts, we still prioritise big malls. Yet part of the Christmas spirit is the desire to be a little more environmentally conscious, to do good. At the SZIA Charity Shop, clothes, souvenirs and books are waiting to find their second home for just pennies. Not only can you make a commitment to sustainability, but you can also support a foundation whose work is very important. You can also buy gift cards and Christmas ornaments.

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Orange Grove Charity Center

Entering the Orange Grove Charity Center is like stepping into a chaotic fairytale world. In the multi-room shop, every little item is for sale, bargainable, and can almost talk. You'll find gift material from basic clothes and books to shocking knick-knacks and art collectors' treasures, and it's worth a dip down to the basement, where you might just stumble upon a self-discovery disco. Your purchase can support families in need through MAZS Foundation (the Hungarian branch of the JDC – the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee).

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Mozaik Charity Shop

The Shelter House Foundation's charity shop mainly focuses on the reintegration of homeless people and families. All their proceeds go to support homeless people and families in their institutions, and they also provide them with jobs in their shops. We can do our bit by buying Christmas gifts here, not to mention that we protect both our wallets and the environment.
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