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Budapest’s best burgers

A great burger with the trappings can brighten up any winter’s day – especially when you’re stuck at home. Here’s where to find the best in Budapest, delivered to your door.


Bamba Marha Burger Bár

Big 7 Travel magazine selected Bamba Marha as the fifth best burger in Europe and 13th best in the world in 2019, so it sounds like they know what they’re doing here on Andrássy. Their basic burgers are excellent, but you can tell they like to play with the flavours in the kitchen as instead of traditional sauces, you might come across teriyaki, parsley pesto or umami ketchup in their buns. To do the Bamba, look out for them on Wolt or Bolt.


Black Cab Burger

Get the best value for money at Black Cab Burger near the Uránia National Film Theatre, where you’ll be served the best burgers packed with rich flavours. Just because you can’t enjoy their most customised varieties right now, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on these delicious bites as Wolt and NetPincér riders are ready to deliver Black Cab’s finest right to your doorstep. If you aren’t in the mood for burgers, try their hot dogs, salads and desserts. BC has also extended delivery hours until 11pm for any late-night cravings.



Since its creation in 2013, Bölcső has grown to be a Mecca for Buda’s handcrafted burger lovers. Owners of this gastropub have never failed to impress customers with their innovative ideas, not even in the toughest of times. As well as placing your order through Wolt, you can pick up one of their brand-new DIY burger kits to take home. For 990 forints, the basic package includes a patty with the signature Bölcső bun. Extra frills may be added to your purchase but you can always opt for toppings already in your fridge.



Burgers may not be the only attraction here, but they certainly know how to make an excellent one. Their menu includes four different kinds but our favourite has to be the colossal Monster, a giant stacked with pickled cabbage, onions, tomato, salad, bacon, spicy mayo and cheese. If you can’t be drawn to the dark side of high-calorie meals, you can always opt for their lettuce-wrapped protein burger, a low-carb option for those who don’t want to miss out on the BpBARbq experience. Besides Wolt, their own dedicated delivery service is also available for hungry customers.


Buddies Burger – Kálvin (Closed)

No fuss, just burgers – this could be the motto of Buddies Burger whose success lies in high-quality ingredients and attention to detail. Besides a few decent sides and hearty salads, you won’t be able to order anything but burgers from the menu. However, the huge range starts from the classics with an added twist, instead of sailing into uncharted waters by trying a completely unfamiliar option. Give their 150gr or 200gr masterpieces a try by placing and order with NetPincér, Wolt or Bolt Food, or pick up the latest burger of the month exclusively from the outlet. 


Burger Bár-hol

Burger Bár-hol originally started out as a food truck at festivals – when there were festivals – and you often ran into their yellow American school bus at some lively get-together. Now the name, a play on words (‘Burger Anywhere’), is taken literally. As a genre, they take their hamburgers very seriously, on the one hand striving to get the best possible ingredients into the kitchen, and on the other, covering all bases from the bun to seasonings to sauces. They have a couple of basic varieties, but if you like to go off-piste, they keep the quality consistent there, too. You can order a ready burger but they also offer a DIY package, all the elements of your selection, vacuumed, which you make yourself, still fresh and crisp. You’ll find them on Wolt, but they also deliver to your home, so if you want to order from an outer city district, this might be the best option as they’re happy to travel.


Burger's Bar

Here at Burger's Bar, juicy, chunky homemade burgers come in a variety of flavours, in single, double or triple sizes. Their classic burgers don’t need to be overthought, with the gourmet burger selection somewhat more creative. Their basic principle is that if the ingredients are fine, you can’t really spoil the burger, which also holds true for their other street-food dishes. You can find them on NetPincér.


Kandalló Pub

In addition to small-batch beers, the Kandalló has done its bit in raising the standards of quality hamburger culture in Budapest. Ever since opening, they’ve been producing reliably excellent burgers and it’s no different now. Sadly, the experience of tucking into one on Kertész utca cannot be re-created, but all the different varieties are on the menu, along with a few drinks, and available through Wolt, NetPincér and Bolt Food. You even call and ask the team to put together the burger of your liking.


Magic Burger

The decade-old Magic Burger offers a wide selection of Budapest’s finest new-wave varieties including both classic and speciality choices on their menu. You can’t go wrong with their juicy 200gr patties, but if you’re after a plant-based option, look no further: their popular meatless burgers are simply divine, so no wonder the brand decided to launch its own chain of street-food outlets called Vegan Love. Wait for the arrival of Magic Burger’s upcoming dedicated delivery service – with surprising offers up in their sleeves – or order now on NetPincér or Wolt


Ray Bá’ Street Food

Some burger joints haven’t jumped on the alluring new-wave bandwagon and still stick to their time-tested traditions. Ray Bá’ Street Food is one of these places, where a close observation of the extensive menu reveals that the only limit to your choice of burger toppings is your imagination. From regular 100gr patties to 400gr giants, the wide range should satisfy anyone’s hunger pangs. Dig into such wild toppings as Kolozsvár-style bacon, eggs sunny side up, Habanero peppers and chili-spiced corn to fully immerse yourself in the Ray Bá’ experience. Burgers are available now for order on Wolt and NetPincér.


Rock Burger Bár (CLosed)

This burger outlet from Balatonlelle takes you back to the world of classic rock – in the present situation, of course, you can’t sit amid the names and images of iconic bands. But no matter, you can find them on NetPincér and Wolt, and stick on Led Zep II as you tuck into juicy, creative burgers at home.


Tuning Bar and Burger

If you just want a simple, standard hamburger, you shouldn’t be disappointed here but special varieties are Tuning’s cup of meat. They are a bit above average in price, but they work with excellent ingredients, and the patty is created from 180gr of meat. Order from Wolt.  


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