The number of public fitness parks has grown in Budapest in recent years, which is great news for those wanting to stay in shape during the pandemic. Of course, they’re also free to use, and even though the weather is getting colder, that doesn’t mean we can’t head outdoors for training!

There are two types of outdoor gyms: those with machines similar to those you would find at a traditional gym – equipment for exercising your arms, legs, abdominal muscles, etc – and the more simple street fitness options, with stationary equipment you must move around.

One is not necessarily better than the other, and it is a misconception that they’re only used as casual or practice spots. In fact, real communities have developed among the fitness-minded here in Budapest, with groups preparing their training plans and schedules together. Those wishing to try can check out this user-created map which lists all the outdoor fitness options that Budapest has to offer.


II. János Pál pápa tér

Those living near Keleti station or Blaha Lujza tér can take the time to check out the street workout park at II. János Pál pápa tér. It is located on the Erkel Theatre side, away from traffic. In fact it’s a little hard to find, but that’s what makes it such a good choice. Nine machines can be found here for muscle strengthening, including those for abdominal and back strength, and a double-leg workout machine which is great for training with a partner.


Nehru part

During its 2015 reconstruction, major improvements were added to the outdoor training park at Nehru part, including plants, colourful seating, a playground and washbasins. Cycling and skateboarding tracks, as well as a basketball court and fitness park are all included, as well as walking machines and workout equipment for the legs and abdominal muscles.


Goldmann György tér

In the fitness park located on the university side of the bridge, even gymnasts can find equipment suited to their workout needs. The design comes from HBH, a Hungarian industrial designer and manufacturer of street workout and boulder-climbing sport parks. There is also a skateboard track nearby, so all visitors have something they can use and enjoy.


Bikás park

Bikás park has a long history in Budapest. The running track is extremely popular, and there’s a streetball court which draws groups in for friendly games. A range of high-quality exercise equipment is also available, including detailed instructions on how to use it, great for beginners. Some of the machines include a stationary bike and lat-pulldown machines, as well as basketball and football courts.



The Bottomless Lake in Újbuda is not only a beautiful place to enjoy the nature, but also fitted out with a rubber running track and complete outdoor fitness area. Here, too, instructions for each machine are clearly marked, as well as indicating difficulty levels. The park is within easy walking distance of focal Kosztolányi Dezső tér.



Népliget is the largest public park in Budapest, and so it’s no surprise that we find an outdoor fitness area on Soó Miksa sétány near Vajda Péter utca. Due to the park’s size, the smaller concentration of visitors means there are fewer passers-by to distract those working out, which is helpful if anyone feels a little shy about exercising in public. In fact, deep within the trees, you feel completely alone, away from the sounds of cars and city life.



If approaching by tram, alight at Nyúl utca, and immediately you’ll find yourself surrounded by fitness options. This forested parkland at the base of the Buda Hills offers a variety of free outdoor exercise equipment, as well as a modern parkour course, basketball and football on illuminated courts, a tennis wall and a rubberised running track.



Városliget has undergone a massive expansion when it comes to its outdoor fitness facilities, so those who haven’t visited in a while may feel like they’ve come to a completely different park! Old, weathered sports courts have been renovated and supplemented with options including football, basketball, volleyball and foot-tennis. There are also new features for children to play on, and exercise courses for dogs. The full array of new exercise equipment and courts can be found not far from the intersection of Stefánia út and Ajtósi Dürer sor.