There’s nothing quite as exciting as hunting for hidden treasure in vintage and second-hand shops, something that has thoroughly been missing during the lockdown restrictions. Many of our favourite shops have been offering online shopping during this time but now to our delight, they are slowly reopening.

A few years ago, the idea of conscious clothing shopping was pretty limited to a narrow community. Fast fashion floods commercial shopping centres, making it all too easy to buy something mass-produced. If, however, you want something more than what the typical retailer has to offer, or if you’d like to be more conscious about what your money is supporting, then affordable vintage and second-hand stores are the places to be.


Typo Showroom

Located on Krúdy Gyula utca, Typo Showroom is a carefully-curated assortment of men and women’s second-hand clothing. From original adidas sports clothes to old promo outfits from the Olympics, and including big names like Versace, Burberry and Marimekko, this shop is varied and colourful. Online shopping remains possible via the store’s Instagram page, but the doors will finally be reopened at 11am tomorrow, Wednesday 20 May.



Located on Teréz körút, Hagor’s window display immediately catches the eye when walking down the street. The shop specialises in selling clothes made of natural materials – linen, cotton and canvas in the summer, and lines of wool sweaters in the winter. The family business is also a recycling shop, operating on a commission basis. Their goal is to retain quality by taking in clothing and upcycling. The shop is open from Friday, while the e-shop continues to function. The wearing of a mask will be enforced during in-person shopping.



Kata Oltai's boutique on Rákóczi tér is iconic not only because it was one of the driving forces behind the renewal of the area, but also because the items found here are truly unique and special. There’s a bit of something for everyone here: glamour, grunge, custom pieces, dressing gowns, casual home-wear and products of now-discontinued Hungarian clothing factories. Every style is supported here. The shop will be open two days a week, Thursdays and Fridays, and items can also be shopped for on Instagram.


Szputnyik Shop - D20

A veteran of Budapest's vintage scene, Szputnyik has several shops around the city. Here, we can find a serious vintage selection, both in mens- and womenswear: skirts, shirts, wonderful coloured blouses, bags and season-appropriate shoes, including Martens, Converse and Vans. On their website, in addition to the new, streetwear-type items, we also find older pieces, and the stores on Dohány and Király utca are open from this week.


LoveBug Vintage

LoveBug Vintage offers an extremely diverse selection, with rare and speciality brands, and also a variety of jewellery and accessories. Look out for retro adidas hoodies, vintage jeans, band T-shirts, Doc Martens and summer Birkenstock sandals. Most of the items come from flea markets and vintage fairs, everything hand-picked to avoid bulk, commercial goods. This week the store will be reopened, but like other shops, online purchases can still be made via Instagram.