Fashion is an essential element of modern-day society. While fast fashion prevails, many labels are shifting their focus towards integrating sustainable solutions in their design, production and sales. Here are ten Budapest brands worth browsing if you’re conscious about the environment and want to make a fashion statement for a sustainable planet.



Designer Eszter Áron was born into a textile dynasty dating back generations. Using a local production team and natural materials, her brand is also joining the sustainable movement by introducing vegan faux leather into its autumn/winter collection for 2019.



Characterised by handmade textile-dyeing processes using plant-based ingredients, Botanika scarves, trousers and skirts feature a blend of earthy tunes on fine-touch natural fabric. An upcoming workshop gives an insight into eco-friendly dyeing practices by using flowers.



Producing their wares locally, small-scale venture Müskinn work with recycled materials. Even the brand’s logo is made from reused packaging waste. Last year, the label teamed up with Küss Mich, the Budapest-based DJ duo, to create bags for eco-conscious music lovers. Müskinn also run workshops for making accessories or a collar for your dog.



From upcycling weathered evening wear to creating cool clothing from scratch, communal sewing project PINKPONILO host varied seminars from beginner’s to advanced level. Zero-waste workshops involve producing items for which every scrap of fabric is put to good use.



Focusing on how plants can bring positive changes to life, PLANTETHICS create earrings made from fallen twigs and necklaces fashioned from pressed plants. Launching soon, a new addition to the collection, WanderWoman, aims to promote ethical production and fair trade through high-standard jewellery made according to sustainable practices.  



Now a decade in the business, Printa nooffer a capsule collection of clothes and accessories that are handmade using organic ingredients. But this is also the go-to boutique for idiosyncratic souvenirs such as posters, canvas bags, even kitchen towels, whose design draws inspiration from Budapest symbols and street art.



Renaissance-style art lies behind this portmanteau brand name, synonymous with recycling. Waist bags, belts, maxi skirts and vests are made from clothes, curtains or lace no longer used for their original function. Bring any of your unwanted pieces for the full revamp.



Ethical fashion brand Sharolta combine their love for minimalist design with a strong motivation to protect the planet. Their line of clothes and bags builds on secondhand denim products that are upcycled by local seamstresses. Be part of this movement by placing your old jeans in one of Sharolta’s drop boxes or buy one of their trendy items.


Touch Me Not

Certified organic material goes into the blouses, shirts and sweatshirts of the Touch Me Not clothing line for women and men. Textiles come from accredited factories where the manufacturing processes are monitored from the cotton fields to logistics. Choose this brand for long-lasting design, careful tailoring and transparent labelling.