, as the biggest youth hostel database registers at least 90 hostels in Budapest. More than half of them are rated 90% or more and rates below 75% are quite rare, so we can say that the quality of Hungarian hostels outstands from the international field, you will get good quality for the price. On an international scale, Hungarian hostels are in the cheaper category, you are able to find excellent rooms for 10-15 Euros. That is why they are very popular and their fame is spreading quickly.


Instant Groove

In the center of the 6th district you can find real city heat. Instant is one of the most popular underground club in Budapest and they opened their hostel on the top floor of the building. It is an ideal place for those visiting Budapest for the nightlife and parties.

Instant Groove! party hostel (closed)
Address: 1065 Budapest, 38 Nagymező Street


Loft Hostel

It is a totally user-friendly hostel in the middle of the city, just steps away from the The stuff makes real effort for their guests. They serve huge portions of Hungarian specialties while sharing the tricks of how to make out the famous Rubik cube.


Downtown Oasis

It has a very talkative name, because in the middle of the restless city it serves as a ‘calm island’. They have only a few rooms, so they have special time for all guests. There are no loud hostel-parties, that’s why it is an ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy silence and peace after a crazy night.


Home Made

It was chosen the hostel of the year for many times. Peace is the most important here because they understand that after having a tiring day of sightseeing a backpack tourist needs a cheap but comfortable place to have a rest. They have cleaning service twice a day so you cannot have complaints about tidiness.


Budapest Bubble

It is quite new on the market but it is already one of the most popular hostels right beside National Museum. Bubble is close to almost everything important but luckily, the downtown streets with heavy traffic avoid its area. The staff is very helpful and because of the lot of positive feedbacks, they also won the hostel of the year award.


Njoy Budapest

They put emphasis on experience. Their double rooms are renovated and good enough for a hotel too. It is important to mention that they try to make your stay remarkable by organizing sightseeing and wine tasting trips, free programs and hubble-bubble nights as well.


Goat Hostel

Luckily, the hostel itself has nothing to do with a goat but with a great weekend in Budapest, it surely has. River Danube and the are only a few-minute walk away, there is a 24-hour store right in front of the entrance and all best nightclubs are in walking distance. Who needs more?


Lavender Hostel

This unconventional building is more like a flat than a hostel. They are specialized for double rooms and the interior is so creative that only a first-class inn could win the race. Unfortunately, it is quite small for bigger groups but for couples it is just perfect.


Carpe Noctem

It is just perfect for couples and private travelers, they cannot accept lager groups. The concept of the hostel is the newest trend of social backpacking, so they create an atmosphere where you can feel like you were with one of your friends. They are eager to get their guests together and generate a familiar ambience even for a few days.

Address: 1067 Budapest, 5. 3/8a Szobi Street
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Budapest Centrum

Even it does not have a fantasy name, it is correct. the and the are only a few-minute walk and nightlife is only a few corners away as well. In their spacious rooms, there is a place for bigger groups of friends.