11 new spots to grab a mouth-watering burger in Budapest


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1/28/2015 11:06 AM

The phrase "burger revolution" is starting to become so hackneyed that it'd be better to drop it altogether. But the tidal wave of new (and great!) burger places continues in Budapest, with a huge variety of superb hamburger places opening in recent months. So we got amongst it and compiled an alphabetical list of 11 of the newest burger spots that you must try.



Betevő has brought delicious, high-standard craft burgers to one of the major junctions of District I, Krisztina Square. The hamburger selection is okay; the patties are made of beef, chicken, salmon or vegetables (990-1990 HUF) - the latter is suitable for vegetarians. The most important component of the burgers is the eponymous sauce of the house in four degrees of hotness. The meal also includes a coleslaw and special chips.

Betevő (closed)
Address: 1013 Budapest, 5 Pauler Street

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Burger Bistro


Burger Bistro fills a gaping hole in the Jászai Mari Square area, which had predominantly been filled with fast food spots. At Burger Bistro the goal is to serve a really tasty, quality hamburger (1650 HUF) made with local ingredients. Hence the buns, prepared on the basis of an original recipe, come from a local bakery, the meat is ground on the spot, and the bacon is in fact close to a decent ham. Extra points for the duck burger that has recently been added to the menu and is perfection itself.

Address: 1137 Budapest, Újpesti Rakpart 1.
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 11am - 10pm

Photo: Chilidog




If it were found in Budapest's city centre, Chilidog would already be famous, but since it is in the 18th District, only the well-informed have heard of its great hamburgers made with Australian beef, home-made buns, delicious fry sauce and bacon candied in beer (2670 HUF). Chilidog is also busy keeping the experience fun with seasonal specials with everything from a Halloween menu to a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.

Address: 1184 Budapest, Thököly út 6.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 12 pm - 10pm

Photo: Fregatt Rock'n'Roll Pub

Fregatt Rock'n'Roll Pub



Fregatt, the oldest pub in Budapest has fired up its kitchen with the help of one of the masterminds behind the Floridita bar. The selection includes a variety of dishes from tapas to tex-mex, but the hamburgers are also worth the visit. The pub's atmosphere is great, just like the striploin hamburger packed with all that makes your mouth water, like salad, cheddar, crunchy bacon and roast onions (990-1950 HUF). Extra points for the must-have chocolate bomb dessert!

Address: 1056 Budapest, Molnár Street 26.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 5pm - 4am

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Gyradiko Taverna - Óbuda


1039 Budapest, Királyok útja-Pünkösdfürdő utca sarok

Több infó


Gyradiko is known for its quality gyros and Greek dishes, but a few months ago they also joined the hamburger scene. The veal patty is packed into a pitta-like bun along with mind-blowing Greek toppings, like the home-made tzatziki and a slice of grilled halloumi. The meal comes with chips with mustard dipping sauce (1490 HUF).

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Nyugi Pub



The northern part of the 13th District has also been touched by the hamburger boom. Such wonders have been created in Nyugi Pub that people make pilgrimages to this far-flung location. Nyugi Pub is a relatively small pub, at the side of a factory building. It owes its popularity to creativity - for example the camembert-rocket or honey-mustard Boston butt hamburger, both in a home-made bun (880-1190 HUF). The decent craft beer selection is only an extra.

Address: 1134 Budapest, Hun Street 4/B
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday, 11:30am - 12am, Friday - Saturday, 11:30am - 2am, Sunday, 4pm - 12am

A phoenix from the ashes of Varieté, Sophie & Ben has preserved whatever its predecessor had done right and topped them with novelties. The new additions to the menu include fantastic steaks, but if it's your first visit, we'd recommend trying the hamburgers. Your return will be guaranteed, thanks to the plaited home-made buns, the massive patties, the special sauces and the great toppings (1490 - 2390 HUF). Extra points: the bistro is especially child-friendly on weekends.

Photo: Stika



1072 Budapest, Dob utca 46/a

Több infó

Stika has earned its name with its namesake quality breakfast, but it soon became clear that the kitchen had more potential - and they have gladly made use of it. Although their a la carte dishes are excellent, they also hopped onto the hamburger wagon with a creation that can easily stand its ground in Budapest's burger scene. The patty of exciting seasoning is served in a home-made sesame seed bun, along with marinated onions, green pepper sauce plus the optional sautéed mushrooms. The chips and the home-made tomato dip make the meal whole (1890 HUF).

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Tranzit Chupito Food Bar


Nagymező Street has always been a popular neighbourhood for nightlife, and the addition of Tranzit means you can warm-up, eat and start partying at the same place - although dancing on the tables is not really recommended. The bar has two focal points. One is chupito, a Spanish shot of mixed spirits, available in innumerable variations here. The other is Josper grilled food - including the hamburger. This burger is popular for its smoky flavour, quality toppings and huge patty. It comes with coleslaw and confit chips on the side (1790 - 2390 HUF).

Address: 1065 Budapest, Nagymező Road 30.
Opening hours: Monday - Tuesday, 11am - 11pm, Wednesday -Saturday, 11am - 2am

Photo: Tuning Bar

Tuning Bar and Burger


1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 45.

Több infó

Akácfa Street is well-endowed in terms of restaurants and bars, but the opening of Tuning put a jewel on the crown. The hamburger joint and bar (that also has the ex-chef of Kandalló among its ranks) targeted a sector that was only truly born in 2014. It joined the gourmet scene where the price tag and the standard go hand in hand, and created something unparalleled in Hungary. The exclusive dishes include the Rockefeller burger with duck liver and saffron-truffle mayo, the 100% wagyu burger, or the black Scottish Angus burger (1850 - 3600 HUF). Special treatment: welcome pálinka for every guest.

Photo: Ferenci Péter - We Love Budapest

Fald fel Amerikát



The Budapest incarnation of the Miskolc-based Fald Fel Amerikát ('Devour America') was going to be a ruin pub, but the owners decided on a restaurant instead. This spot is characterised by budget-friendly prices and American style. In terms of interior decoration, this means wooden and dark brown faux leather furniture, and tiny America-themed pictures. In terms of food, it is expressed in hamburgers in stereotypical American (over)sizes. There is, for instance, a versenyhamburger ('time trial burger') where you can join the hall of fame if you can eat the whole thing with its 90 dkg of beef in 20 minutes at the bar. As for the flavours, everything is pretty decent and the BBQ sauce is great, but the cucumbers in the hamburger had us thinking of a beach buffet. Unfortunately, the grilled potatoes are deep-frozen, although it is not bad in quality. It is evident that the place is not after the gourmet crowd, but about offering good food at a good price. They don't waste time measuring meat for the patties, they follow the rustic 'one handful for one burger' principle. It is unarguably a spot for the meat and potato type of person.

Address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész Street 48.
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday, 11am - 12am, Friday - Saturday, 11am - 2am, Sunday, 11am - 9pm

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