There Was a Tower – A Portrait of Mihály Víg

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Mihály Víg, a defining figure of Budapest's underground scene of the 1980s, is best known for his work with alternative bands Balaton and Trabant, and his film scores for famed director Béla Tarr. In this portrait film, being screened on 25 August before its official premiere, Víg talks personally and in detail about his life, the atmosphere of the era and the figures associated with it. Supplemented with rare archive footage and plenty of music, the film allows the viewer to develop a closer understanding of Víg and the past 60 years of his life and work. Directed by András Kécza, and with Tilda Swinton among the executive producers, this unique documentary runs for 103 minutes and carries English subtitles. After the screening, there'll be a premiere party at the nearby Gólya bar, where Balaton, Kinetic Erotic and AZVLM DJ appear.

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