This art exhibition at aqb Project Space borrowed its title Stirrings Still from Samuel Beckett’s eponymous final prose piece. In this text, Beckett engendered a testamentary narrative of introspection and self-reflection, pushing the boundaries of language in its simplicity and dense brevity. The notions of incessant restlessness as well as reading and writing are featured this time as common points of reference with regard to questions related to creative artistic pursuits. What confines creative pursuits, ever set on improving? When does a piece of art qualify as complete?

Having provided invaluable assistance in the creation of aqb a decade ago, Károly Klimó has now invited five artists to share the exhibition space. The group show positions such pieces and site-specific installations in a dialogical context that explicitly reflect on the fundamental motifs of Stirrings Still: introspection, disjointedness and temporality.