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Red Bull Flying Day 2022

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  • BudaPart - Kopaszi-gát

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  • Sunday, 26 June 2022 10.00am

Fasten seat belts, prepare for take-off! On 26 June, Kopaszi-gát will be swarming with savvy engineers and daredevil pilots making their dreams come true, soaring into the air in their crazy planes. After ten years, Red Bull Flying Day returns to Budapest, where wild machines try to gain momentum in the most entertaining ways before, as usually happens, plunging into the water from the sky above.

It's worth visiting this free event from 10am, because then you can see the constructions of all the teams in one place. At 10.45am, an air display by Hungary’s most famed airman, Péter Besenyei, officially opens the event, which will be a special occasion because the pilot will be flying over Budapest again after seven years.

The crazy race starts at 11am, with 40 teams competing. The expert jury (Olympic champion speed skater Sándor Liu Shaolin, singers Viki Lábas and Szabi Papp, influencers Csaba Kajdi and Henry Kettner) will evaluate the performance of each team according to three criteria – distance travelled, aircraft design and ramp display – before valuable cash prizes are awarded to the top three finishers.

During the afternoon, a concert by Valmar will liven up the audience and contestants, while the event will be MC’d by Bence Istenes.

Admission is completely free. For more information, click here. The event will be well served by public transport, with no on-site parking. (x)

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