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Hungarian composer and musicologist Zoltán Kodály is being celebrated with memorial concert, its programme mainly consisting of instrumental or vocal chamber works. Influenced by German romanticism, Adagio was originally composed for violin and piano in 1905, but five years later Kodály replaced the violin parts with the viola and cello. After his first musical research trip in 1905 in search of Hungary’s folk roots, he then studied in Berlin and Paris, where he learned about Debussy. These experiences had a decisive impact on his development as a composer. Part of his song cycle Énekszó (‘Singing’), the piano composition Meditation on a Motif by Debussy is a variation on the opening theme of Debussy's string quartet, and Sonata for Cello and Piano, whose first movement was originally intended to be the first version of Sonatina published in 1922. Following his folk opera Háry János, Kodály compiled a six-movement orchestral suite from its most characteristic melodies. A good decade later, Andor Földes rearranged three excerpts from the suite for piano, the best-known being performed at this concert.


  • Kodály: Adagio
  • Kodály: Sonatina
  • Kodály: Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 4
  • Kodály: Meditation on a Motif by Debussy
  • Kodály-Földes: Háry János Suite – Intermezzo
  • Kodály: Énekszó, Op. 1
The concert will be broadcasted free of charge on the website of the Liszt Academy.


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