The Déli-Doku Festival returns to the Bem cinema for one day on the 6 November with a real Latin-American atmosphere. The schedule this year includes The ExtraterrestrialHavana, One Way and Los Reyes, all screened in original language with English subtitles. The first movie deals with the topic of being an outsider – through the meeting of a documentary filmmaker (Ádám Breier) and a Cuban, who moved back to his own planet after having lived seven years in the United States, leaving his family behind. The second film, Havana, One Wayexplores the concept of Communism both in Hungary and Cuba, while the third is a magical documentary about two charismatic dogs, Chola and Football, who live in a skate park in Santiago, Chile. After the screenings, Latin-American food, drinks and music will be provided. Admission is 1,000 forints.