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Csángálló Concert, Guest: Kale Lulugyi

If you are up for a truly Hungarian musical experience, sign up for the upcoming concert of Csángálló! They are one of the most renowned bands of Budapest nights, combining authentic folk music with Transylvanian motifs, Balkan tunes, improvisation, instrumental and vocal music. It results in a unique mix you can enjoy on September 22nd at the laidback open-air venue Kertem.

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Városháza Park Ice Rink

From November 24th to January 7th, don skates and slide in the atmospheric surroundings right next to Small Boulevard.


English Stand-Up Comedy with Elena Gabrielle

On December 2nd, Australian Comedian Elena Gabrielle will hit the stage.


ReClaim Vintage – Advent Night Shopping

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Advent Sunday Brunch at the InterContinental Budapest

If you'd celebrate Advent with your loved ones over a generous brunch, head to InterContinental Budapest.