Éva Fahidi was 20 years old when she returned to Hungary from Auschwitz. She was all alone, and 49 members of her family had been murdered, including her mother, her father and her little sister.

70 years later, aged 90, Éva is asked to participate in a dance-theatre performance about her life. Réka, the director, imagines a duet between Éva and young, internationally acclaimed dancer, Emese. Réka wants to see these two women, young and old, interact on stage, to see how their bodies and their stories can intertwine. Éva agrees immediately.

Three women combine in this story of crossing boundaries. While key moments in Éva’s life are distilled into theatre scenes, a powerful relationship forms between them.

Director Réka Szabó and the héroine of the story, Éva, will give interviews before the screening.

The film will show in Hungarian, with English subtitles.