Sign up for a movie night at Toldi Cinema, where you can watch a true gem: the documentary by Hungarian Dorottya ZurbóAgent of Happiness offers a unique take on the notoriously exoticized Bhutan and its unusual happiness policy. It's a heartfelt exploration of happiness in the face of adversity, so get ready to witness some very revealing conversations filled with unflinching honesty and quiet wisdom. The film will be screened with English subtitles on June 21st!

"Amber is one of the many agents working for the Bhutanese government to measure people’s happiness levels among the remote Himalayan mountains. But will he find his own along the way? We follow him as he investigates various expressions of contentment across different households and lifestyles while navigating his own struggle as a Nepali minority. The holistic philosophy at the heart of the survey he conducts challenges the conventional metrics of fulfillment and success, often provoking some deeper soul-searching."