Immerse yourself in Budapest's culinary legacy at Gundel! The renowned Hungarian restaurant boasts beautifully renovated interiors, a charming bohemian garden, and a modern and timeless atmosphere, in the City Park's surroundings. Their menu features classic dishes reimagined with a contemporary touch, ensuring a delightful surprise with every season. Gundel's impressive history includes hosting celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie, and even Queen Elizabeth II. Now, you have the unique opportunity to savour the very dishes that graced the royal table. The Celebrity's Menu series kicks off on July 8th with the Four Crowns Menu, a recreation of the meal served during Queen Elizabeth II's visit. Available for 10 days only, this exclusive menu lets you experience the royal treatment firsthand.

What dishes tantalized Queen Elizabeth II's taste buds when dining in the iconic Hungarian restaurant Gundel upon their visit in 1993? What beverages quenched Her Majesty's thirst? Did the royal couple indulge in a delightful dessert? Gundel offers the answers on a silver platter, with the Four Crowns Menu meticulously recreated by Executive Chef Viktor Moldován based on the original menu.

Which you are welcome to try. Dine like royalty on Herendi porcelain plates and gleaming silverware. Raise a toast to the occasion with a sophisticated glass of English champagne. Commemorate the experience with a regal selfie at a specially designed spot featuring a full-length figure of Queen Elizabeth II. The Four Crowns Menu is available for dinner from July 8th to 17th, with your choice of two, three, or four courses. Indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience for a limited time only and dine with purpose: five per cent of the proceeds from the Celebrity's Menu series will be donated to the Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Gundel belongs to all

Established in 1894, Gundel Restaurant celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. Founder Károly Gundel's legacy extends far beyond his legendary dishes. He instilled a spirit of endless hospitality, impeccable service, lively entertainment, and a constant pursuit of culinary innovation.

Gundel aspires to be a welcoming destination for everyone, locals and tourists alike. Whether you simply desire a coffee and pastry, or a more substantial meal, the menu offers something for all budgets. Historically, Gundel has attracted a distinguished clientele, including royalty, clergy, politicians, and international celebrities. These guests were once treated to unique menus unavailable to the public. However, that's all changed!

Queen Elizabeth II's memorable visit

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Hungary in 1993 upon President Árpád Göncz's invitation. Their four-day itinerary included watching Sleeping Beauty at the Opera House, excursions to Kecskemét and Bugac (a village of equestrian past), and a lunch at Gundel Restaurant.

The Queen's visit demanded meticulous preparation. Ten tasting menus were created, a handwritten menu was prepared, and the wait staff received special etiquette training.

Despite all the planning, a delightful surprise awaited! As delectable dishes were presented, Her Majesty simply requested a gin and tonic. According to Gundel Palace records, this unexpected request sent the house manager on a hurried dash to fulfil it.

Celebrity's Menu, Queen Elizabeth style

The Four Crowns Menu, inspired by Queen Elizabeth II's visit, continues the Gundel tradition of incorporating the crown motif into every course for distinguished guests.

The culinary journey begins with a regal starter: pink-smoked salmon paired with white asparagus and a fragrant sage dressing. The double broth of pigeon takes a regal turn with a crown made of carrots, its rich flavour further enhanced by a touch of the chef's parsley oil.

The main course, Braided Veal à la Queen Elizabeth, is a masterpiece of presentation. A paper-thin potato whip forms a royal crown perched atop the braided veal. This hearty dish holds a hidden treasure within its folds: Hungarian rice and goose liver, bursting with flavour and mushrooms.

For dessert, Gundel presents a stunning miniature version of their famous strawberry parfait. This delightful treat sits atop a crown-shaped crispy pastry adorned with gilded decorations. Real strawberries mingle with the hidden parfait, offering a refreshing lemon finish to the royal meal.

Delightful moments from the royal visit

Thanks to meticulous documentation by Gundel himself and the press, some charming moments from the royal couple's visit have been preserved. A delightful exchange occurred when the Queen remarked to the owner, 'We have heard a lot about you.' He, in turn, humbly replied, 'We have heard a lot about you, too.'

Legend further enhances the visit's charm. The Queen, apparently enamoured of the food, used a piece of bread to savour the last bits of the delicious sour cream and paprika sauce. Prince Philip, perhaps seeking a more casual note, enjoyed a beer. The dessert presentation, with its towering strawberry parfait on a giant pastry basket, even elicited a playful nudge from the Queen to Prince Philip, ensuring he wouldn't miss the spectacle.

For more information on the Celebrity's Menu, including the Four Crowns Menu, click here. You can also book a table to experience this royal culinary journey firsthand.


Gundel Étterem

The name Gundel is emblematic in the history of Hungarian gastronomy

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