No, it's not goulash.

If you agree that the best way to get to know a foreign culture is through food, read on! Atlas Obscura, a global community of explorers aiming to create a comprehensive database of the world's most wondrous places and foods, has rounded up 10 dishes that are worth booking a trip. Among them is the Hungarian-Jewish pastry flódni, which you can try in several places in Budapest.

What's flódni?

Flódni is a traditional Hungarian dessert associated with Jewish cuisine. It's a delicious cake, richly filled with poppy seed, walnut, apple, and plum jam, all sandwiched between layers of thin pastry dough. Flódni is commonly prepared for special occasions and holidays, but you can also find it at numerous restaurants and confectionaries all year around. 

Where to try it?

If you'd embark on a flódni adventure in Budapest, the Jewish Quarter is a good place to start. For a quick bite paired with top-notch coffee, head to the lovely Arán bakery on Wesselényi utca. For a more elevated dinner experience, choose Macesz Bistro at the corner of Dob utca and Kazinczy utca, where a sumptuous meal is tipped off with flódni. For those seeking an authentic atmosphere – and keen to step into the footsteps of Timothée Chalamet; Rosenstein, a family-run restaurant awaits your visit. And if you are up for exploring a more than 150-year-old confectionary, make your way to Auguszt.