Whether you're visiting Budapest or calling it home, Madhouse is not a place to miss. Nestled steps away from Deák Ferenc tér, this craft beer haven not only lets you sample local brews but also offers you a chance to try creative dishes, explore pop-up markets, perfect your downward-facing dog in yoga sessions, or engage in a friendly competition over board games. Here is what to look out for!

Madhouse Craft Beer Bar is a popular hangout in buzzing downtown, only steps away from Deák Ferenc tér and the Basilica. If you are a beer enthusiast, popping in is a must as you will be able to sample local brews: the crazy good concoctions of Hungarian brewery, Mad Scientist. But it's not only about the drinks. Madhouse upped its game by serving up delicious and creative dishes – right now you can try the creations of chef Norbert Piszkor and Róbert Borbás, the tattoo artist of Jason Momoa and the Metallica.

And if you are in the city longer than a weekend, Madhouse can easily become your new go-to spot. It has turned into a community space, too, where like-minded people can meet up and chill. It regularly hosts plant markets, yoga classes, and board game nights. See what you can get up to! 

1. Roll out your yoga mat!

We appreciate a revitalising yoga class outside a studio, and when it also comes bundled with a potential breakfast, well, that's a jackpot for us. If you resonate with this feeling, you'll love Madhouse's classes. Join a flow or pilates session, coming with loads of stretching and tension releasing. Some classes even feature soothing sound baths, while others provide workshops on the hand pan itself. After completing your sun salutations and achieving a state of relaxation, treat yourself to brunch with a generous 20% discount.

Check out the upcoming events here.

2. Fill your tote bags with local goods in the city centre!

Call it our inner millennial, but we are obsessed with local markets, be it farmers', plant, or designer markets. And when they happen to be conveniently situated downtown, offering brunch and coffee, we couldn't be happier. Madhouse ticks off this box too, as it regularly hosts Kiskertpiac, a plant market overflowing with natural cosmetics, flowers, herbs, and handmade ceramics and accessories. What's more, the event is also dog-friendly.

Check out the upcoming events here.

3. Board Game Nights and Chess Tournaments

If you're in the mood for more than just a few drinks with friends, Madhouse has got you covered. They regularly host the Mad Board Game Club, where you can borrow games for free (or bring your own). Another crowd-pleaser is the Chess'N'Beer amateur chess tournament, turning the bar into a battlefield of checkered chessboards. While there's an entry fee for this event, the winning teams can look forward to great prizes and awards.

Check out the upcoming events here.

4. Music in the limelight: MAD DJ SETS and album releases

Located at the gate of the party district, Madhouse is also a great starting point for a night out. On Thursday and Saturday nights, groove to live DJ sets spanning various styles. The venue also plays host to album release parties and vinyl sales, creating a dynamic atmosphere. Keep an eye out for special cocktail offers, like the collaboration with hip-hop musician Co Lee. Additionally, Madhouse is committed to charity, making regular donations to contribute to meaningful causes.

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5. Exhibitions and cultural events 

Madhouse goes beyond being just a community space; it aspires to be a cultural hub as well. That's why you will spot art on the walls - currently the captivating collages ofJuxta Collage Lab, a Budapest-based artist duo. They also host cultural programmes, including lectures on the vegan lifestyle, although most of these are in Hungarian. Nevertheless, it's worth staying tuned to their event calendar.

Check out the upcoming event here.

6. Try mind-blowing beers right from the tap

And without a doubt, you can't miss out on their beer selection: boasting 24 varieties on tap. As the official taproom of the Hungarian brewery Mad Scientist, they offer it all from Lagers to stouts, including specialities such as the Blackcurrant Trifle Junior (sour), New York Mocaccino (stout) or Liquid Cocaine (IPA). They frequently host beer tastings and brewery meetups, which means even more brews for you. For those with friends less keen on beer, there's an extensive selection of natural wines and cocktails. And you can pair any drink with such treats as hummus or cheese plate. If you are craving something more substantial, settle down at one of the tables in the bistro section. 

The Craft Beer Bar is currently open between Thursday and Sunday (as long as 4 am on Friday and Saturday), but soon they will extend their opening hours and welcome their terrace back, stretching in the vibrant bend of Anker köz, too. 


Madshouse Craft Beer Bar