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Wines, cocktails, and champagnes – We tested Doppio Cocktail & Wine Bar


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21/02/2023 3.28pm

We can't deny that we love Italy, and luckily there are plenty of excellent Italian restaurants and bars in Budapest. Try Doppio Kitchen on Kecskeméti Street for a great pasta or pizza, or as we did, relax and unwind in the Doppio Cocktail & Wine Bar. With Doppio, you can not only take a gastronomic adventure trip to Italy, but also taste French champagnes, Spanish cavas, natural pét-nats, unique local and Italian wines, and signature cocktails, all with Italian flair and casual elegance.

Our favourite: Kecskeméti Street

Kecskeméti Street is a proper little Mediterranean island in Budapest, where the nearby hotels, the ELTE Faculty of Law, and many small restaurants turn the street into a colourful, multicultural environment. There are plenty of restaurants with diverse profiles, and we were delighted to welcome another charming spot to our favourite street last December.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

The Doppio Kitchen, which also offers Italian cuisine, opened on the site of a former Italian restaurant. And right next door, you can find the only Italian caterer on the street, Doppio Cocktail & Wine Bar. With Doppio, you get a two-in-one experience – after a hearty lunch or dinner, you don't have to spend a long time looking for the next stop, just walk over to the bar and enjoy a glass of cocktail, Prosecco, or fine wine to continue the evening. 

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

'Feel the moment'

Diána Baksa is the heart and soul of Doppio; as owner and manager, she is constantly involved in the day-to-day running of the establishment. She takes reservations when she needs to, chooses decorations or interior design, tastes dishes, negotiates, and manages everything. Along with manager Gábor Nickelsz, they run Doppio with care and professionalism. And you can often spot them at the restaurant and the bar.

They greet not only us, but all other guests with a smile. Dia's cheerfulness is infectious, and we immediately embrace the Doppio experience, which is proclaimed by the distinctive neon sign in the cosy interior: 'Feel the moment'.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

The subject of admiration: Italy

We haven't even arrived at Doppio yet, but the champagne selection at the bar is almost beckoning us to step closer. We're not alone with this feeling as more and more people spontaneously join us throughout the evening. While the delicious bites and cocktails are being prepared, we chat with Dia, a fellow fan of Italian culture and flavours, who has been to Italy many times and speaks the language fluently. 

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Dia's goal with Doppio was to create a place where you can taste special wines and sparkling wines at affordable prices, many of which are not available elsewhere. And Doppio is indeed a place where you can hang out after work or at weekends. Have a cocktail with friends, celebrate a birthday with a large group, or organise a private event - the bar, with a capacity of 50 people, will be the perfect venue. And in spring, the huge terrace opens up and the flaming red geraniums transport us to Mediterranean Italy.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

A home for signature cocktails and nearly 100 wines

It's clear that every square metre of Doppio has been designed with care, practicality, and super taste. In the first wing, the cocktails are getting mixed diligently. Here we immediately sampled Doppio's signature drinks, such as the Eye on Rye (made of nuts, oranges, cinnamon, and rye whiskey), the gin-based Ugly but Lovely, and the Patriot with its light, purée-like texture and blueberry-blackberry taste, which is feminine despite the plum pálinka. 

Of course, the cocktail menu also offers a selection of the greatest classics, with no shortage of Negroni, Martini, Cosmopolitan, or White Russian. And if you're looking for spirits, there's a selection of special rums, whiskeys, aperitifs, distillates, and pálinkas to choose from. You can always ask the bartenders too, who will be happy to assist you in your decision.

In the middle section, the wines take centre stage, with a long table perfect for extensive wine tastings. And you need it as you can taste nearly 100 wines from three regions – Italy, Spain, and Hungary

Italian antipasti

Cocktail and wine tasting would definitely not have been complete without snacks. But instead of the classic tapas, opt for the Homemade Doppio Dips, which is heavenly with the four-cheese, the aubergine, and the Italian salami dip, not to mention the cheese platter with Italian cheeses, prosciutto, and olives. But you could also go for a more serious dish, the spicy salmon fillet with spinach and gnocchi was a great accompaniment to the wine.

Casual drinking, pleasant atmosphere, affordable prices

The back section is designed for private conversations and big toasts, so Doppio is not only perfect for friends, but also for a date. 25 different sparkling wines are available, including Spanish cavas, Italian proseccos, Hungarian sparkling wines, French specialities, champagnes, and natural pét-nats. 

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

A podium completes the back room, where a tiny living room surrounds the neon-embellished selfie wall. The blues and turquoise are complemented by bright yellows and pinks, creating a slightly bohemian yet casually elegant bar. Here neither the vibes nor the prices are an issue, and everyone can find something that floats their boat for a reasonable price.

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