Winter came early, at least to dessert heaven Édesmindegy. And that means one thing: steamed bun season has officially started.

With the temperature drawing closer and closer to zero and Christmas fairs opening, you can definitely feel the touch of winter. To elevate it even further, head to café-lined Pozsonyi út and step into the dessert shop Édesmindegy. Tarts, pies, and cakes tower all around, but trust us and ask for a 'gőzgombóc'That's a sweet steamed bun, similar to the Chinese bao bun up until you soak it in creamy vanilla custard and top it with poppy seed and powdered sugar. It's an essential treat at any Alpine ski resort, but this time you don't have to go to Austria, only to Újlipótváros. At Édesmindegy, it's served with plum jam-filling and is oh-so-delicious!