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Sculptor Kolodko puts on a dog show in Buda


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30/05/2022 8.53am

Guerrilla sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko, known for creating little figurines of iconic characters in Hungarian culture, has just left his latest work where Batthyány utca meets Hattyú utca. Calling it ‘Once Upon a Time There Was a Dog Fair in Buda’, the artist features different breeds, including Hungarian vizslas and pulis.

To mark Children’s Day last weekend, celebrated urban sculptor Mihajlo Kolodko has turned his attention to Hungary’s favourite pet. Once Upon a Time There Was a Dog Fair in Buda joins the pantheon of animals in Kolodko’s now extensive oeuvre.

Previous examples include a squirrel involved in a crime to be solved by TV detective Columbo, a cartoon dragon and an inept goat.

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