When Kismező opened earlier this year, we were first in line to try it. First, because it has small plates on the menu that taste as wonderful as they look. Second, it also offers oven-baked Neapolitan pizza - developed together with local favourite Digo. Third, it opened in a well-known downtown neighbourhood, often referred to as the Broadway of Pest, and sparked the potential of bringing the area's former buzz back to life. And we haven't even started on the cocktails yet.

We were filled with anticipation long before the official opening of Kismező. It is the new restaurant of the owners of a classic, Pesti Disznó, which sadly shut down in 2020. So it is fair to say, that we had a few expectations, and we were eager to put them to the test during the opening event. The bistro did not disappoint, and it is in full blast for the winter season too. With signature cocktails and a new menu, it is a great place to cosy up and enjoy shared plates and celebrations.

Kismező is located mere steps away from the Opera House - on Nagymező Street, also referred to as the 'Broadway of Pest'. The Broadway reference does not come from self-righteous boasting. The area has been one of the centers of entertainment, nightlife, and culture in Budapest since the end of the 19th century. Kismező, with its stylish exterior and impressive dishes, aims to bring back the light of the former luxury district, evoking this eclectic, urbanized, cosmopolitan, sparkling world - where you are invited to enter any day of the week.

And if you do, you will be in for quite a foodie experience. On the menu, you have an array of beautifully looking and tasting small plates waiting to be laid out in the middle of the table and shared with friends. The recipes come from all around the world: the seasonal winter menu offers Grilled zucchini with burrata and fig, Hungarianstuffed cabbage, and pumpkin risotto. A good thing about the sharing concept is that you don't need to make big decisions on what to leave out and just order pretty much everything. However, if you are going for fewer options, make sure to pick the beef tartar and the goat cheese with dried plum and apricot.

And we wouldn't recommend leaving without a bite of a gourmet canotto pizza - these new-wave Neapolitan pizzas are the other main specialties here. If canotto pizza would not be enough of a buzzword, trust us when we say crowd favourite Digo, who helped develop the recipe, should be! You can add toppings like salmon, truffle spinach, and home-seasoned salsiccia (fresh Neapolitan sausage).

And now let's talk drinks! You can choose wine from an impressive selection, by the glass or the bottle (your call). If you are craving something more creative and exciting, go for the cocktails (non-alcoholic versions are available too), and try Doni's Margarita or a Kismező Mule.

Kismező was a popular meeting spot during its summer debut and is a great place to be in the winter. Sharing plates, pizzas, and good drinks are always a good idea and can make an ideal setting for your festive toasts with friends or the company Christmas party (they still have some available dates). It feels easy to follow their lead when they say: eat good and feel good.



Kismező 1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 19. Facebook-oldal Weboldal