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Müpa Budapest's favourite Christmas performance Kristály by Recirquel returns in December


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24/11/2022 4.27pm

Recirquel's performances are always preceded by great anticipation. We all know we are in for a proper treat where Hungary’s unique contemporary cirque danse company is involved. Their shows transport us into a fantastic and magical world for a few hours, which is especially true for one of our favourites of the festive season, Kristály (Crystal). This year, the winter wonderland revival returns in a brand new venue and a revamped form. In the special space of Millenáris Glass Hall, the spectacular show will be performed not less than 69 times between 6 December and 15 January.

We have already reported on Recirquel's performances on several occasions, and we even interviewed artistic director Bence Vági. The simple reason behind it is that the unity of circus, dance, and theatre that our country's new circus company brings onto stage never ceases to amaze us

The Crystal, which premiered in 2018, has almost immediately become a family favourite for the Christmas season, enchanting young and old, children and adults alike.

Photo: Müpa

In the story, dreamed up by Bence Vági, we travel to the frozen lands of Snowlandia, where laughter and cheer are prohibited. To thaw the frozen inhabitants of the kingdom, everyone is needed. Along with the audience, the characters search together for the warmth of love and hope of light that permeates everything, and with which they can melt the frosty heart of the Snow Queen. One of the very exciting features of the production is that you don't get to be separated from the stage and just watch the story unfold from your chair. On the contrary.

As we enter the snow-covered space of illusion, we become an active part of it, breathing with the performers and following at arm-length the artists' every movement as they pass overhead.

Photo: Müpa

The show, which has been housed in the circus tent next to Müpa Budapest for the past four years, will now move to a new venue, the Millenáris Glass Hall. Thanks to a significantly larger performance space, the production will feature new sets and visual elements, offering a refreshed and revamped experience for even those who have seen it before.  

Photo: Müpa

As in previous years, the role of the Snow Queen will be performed by the lovely-voiced Juli Horányi, while the quirky Elf will be played by Brigitta Egyed, who is also known from previous Recirquel productions. This time, the company's regulars will be joined by a number of guest artists, including some of the country's most brilliant hip-hop dancers. The fairy-tale atmosphere is completed by original and reworked music by Gábor Terjék and Dávid Mester, set design by Péter Klimó, and costumes by Emese Kasza.

Photo: Müpa


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