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Liszt Fest 2022 – Music fills even the St Stephen's Basilica, with a parade of international music stars


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05/10/2022 4.20pm

Starting on 7 October and running for 16 days, the Liszt Fest International Culture Festival is set to become the most exciting all-arts autumn festival in the world of jazz, classical and world music, dance, theatre, and literature, performed by national and international artists. From the opening concert to the final event, the programme is a good example of how music and arts can be a real bridge between genres, tastes and, of course, participants. Organ concerts, manouche jazz, arias, classical gypsy music, and dance performances will enrich the world-class event series.

Even though in October, the memories of summer music festivals and world music and jazz concerts under the stars begin to fade, we shouldn't be discouraged, as autumn will also bring many superstars, virtuoso musicians, and classics to Budapest, to more than 13 venues. Memorable performances will fill all the capital's major artistic centres, from Müpa Budapest to the House of Music Hungary and St Stephen's Basilica, where the opening concert will be performed by the Modern Art Orchestra led by Kornél Fekete-Kovács, with a cover of Franz Liszt's Via Crucis. This concert will feature American jazz singer Sherry Williams and Hungarian soprano Lilla Horti, as well as composer and organist András Gábor Virágh and New York jazz icon Brian Charette, who will also showcase his genius within the walls of the majestic capital building.

Sherry Williams jazzénekesnő

Photo: Mary Ann Halpin

For 16 days, you will be invited to enjoy a programme that is often an extreme fusion of genres and artists, from which only unforgettable co-productions and unrepeatable music-making can be expected, whether you’re an expert or a newcomer, whether you respect the old or you’re open to new ideas.

Modern Art Orchestra

Photo: Birtalan Zsolt

And since we mentioned experts and newcomers, we highly recommend you check out our Liszt Fest Spotify playlists now, which will help you both tune in and find treasures you might have missed without the playlist.

Jazzical Trio

Photo: Pintér Ádám

The festival's unique fusion performances include Flemish-Sinto Tcha Limberger' and Lajos Sárközi Jr's concert in the House of Music Hungary. Just imagine an approach to Django Reinhardt's music from the direction of traditional gypsy music and authentic folk music. This is how the music from Țara Călatei and Manouche jazz will embrace each other – an exciting eclecticism performed by fantastic artists. The Jazzical Trio is preparing an extraordinary programme of songs with the world-famous soprano Erika Miklósa, who will perform folk song collections by Liszt, Kodály, and Bartók, as well as masterpieces by the four-time Oscar-winning German-American composer André Previn. Norbert Káel, a graduate of the Berklee College in Boston, reinterprets the songs in a way never heard before, infused with the sounds of jazz.

Ravi Coltrane szaxofonos, zenekarvezető és zeneszerző

Photo: Deborah Feingold

The Béla Bartók National Concert Hall will host Ravi Coltrane, the emblematic figure in modern jazz history and a particularly active American saxophonist, bandleader, and composer living in New York. Born into a family of musicians, he does justice to his parent's legacy, taking us through the styles of important eras in his show in Budapest. With Rashaan Carter, virtuoso Israeli pianist Gadi Lehavi and Northern Californian jazz drummer Elé Howell, he brings an all-night performance to the Liszt Fest.

Vincent Peirani: Jokers

Photo: Stanislas Auguris

French accordionist Vincent Peirani and his fellow musicians, Italian guitarist Federico Casagrande and New York-based Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz, will deliver an often pop-like sound that the audience of newcomers will easily relate to, as well. Their latest album features unique covers of hits by Nine Inch Nails, Bishop Briggs, and even Marilyn Manson.

And if you're into popular music, stay tuned for the Isolation Budapest concert series at the Akvárium, which will bring together artists such as the British Westerman, who was even praised by Elton John, and Black Country, New Road, voted "the most exciting live bands in the country" by The Times magazine last year. The magical Danish band Efterklang and Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Gurevich are also highly anticipated.

For further information about the detailed programme and events of the Liszt Fest International Cultural Festival, which runs from 7 to 22 October, visit this page. For exclusive content, thematic readings, articles, playlists, and other interesting information, visit the official blog of the event series.

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