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An imaginary trip to the hippest clubs from Paris to New York – The renewed Terminal reopens


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21/10/2022 4.21pm

It's been almost a month since we bid adieu to the festival season, and the clubs of Budapest are finally starting to catch up. One of the highlights of downtown nightlife, Terminal, the former central bus station building on Erzsébet Square, will reopen on 20 October 2022 after a successful season last year. With a renovated interior, an exclusive VIP area, spectacular light effects, a restaurant open until 4 am, a huge selection of drinks, and thematic parties, the opening weekend will be unforgettable.

Deák Square and Erzsébet Square are not only the main gathering point before the evening parties, where you can dive into the bustling nightlife but actually, they offer everything you need for a splendid party until dawn. While during the day, the former train station Terminal, with its Bauhaus and socialist realist influences, is a hive of activity, at night, the building is filled with a variety of parties.

Photo: Terminal

Renewed in all senses

The Terminal has been renovated inside and out this year, but the interior has gone through the biggest change: the concept was based on preserving the building's original function, so the former train station terminal now invites us to take a trip to the hippest clubs from Paris to New York. The main inspiration sought to respect the building's historical values while creating a modern club in every sense.

The refurbishment has been designed to maximise the comfort of the guests, with a modern interior design and new light effects to make the parties even more exciting. For those who seek to enjoy a private party, we have good news: the organisers have also created an exclusive VIP area with much more perks than a regular one, but so much for now, for further information, follow Terminal's Facebook or Instagram page.

Photo: Terminal

All in one place

Terminal is also an ideal party place because it's right in the centre of the city, and you don't have to go far if you want to have a bite to eat or a drink before a night out – in fact, the neighbouring Fröccsterasz is now ready for the autumn/winter season with a covered terrace. And the Terminal restaurant has a brand new menu, open from 5 pm, offering all-time favourites such as the giant Wiener schnitzel, but there's a huge selection of street food, too, with juicy burgers to choose from. And as for the drinks, there are plenty of long drinks, special shots, and a wide variety of champagnes to get the party started.

Photo: Terminal

Photo: Terminal

Clubbing season is on

But let's get down to business and see what music we can expect this year. The opening weekend launches on 20 October, and the three-day party series kicks off with everyone's favourite retro party with Mr. President, along with Tibi Csordás and Fiesta setting the mood. On Friday 21, R&B will be in the spotlight, with DJ Nara, Ben Jr. and the New Dance World team for an unforgettable party. On Saturday 22, we tune in to house beats with Hamvai P.G. and The Cube Guys.

Photo: Terminal

Later on, the Terminal's own successful party series will return, where the craziest vibes will be brought to life along different themes with the Circus and Moulin Rouge series, where not only the choice of music, but also the decorations will follow the theme of the party. But there will also be a Salsa and a Tattoo Lovers night, and the Dark & Blue funky party will also return with Attila Bárány and Jován, as well as some foreign acts. At the end of October, the Halloween party will be based around Michael Jackson's Thriller, which will definitely leave you thrilled...

Find out more about what's new at the Terminal and upcoming parties here. Purchase tickets for the opening party here.

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