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400 square metres of contemporary Scandinavian design – Velkommen, Home of Solinfo!


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03/01/2022 11.30am

On 10 December, a new day dawned in the lives of design-sensitive lovers of beautiful objects. Home of Solinfo opened on Rumbach Sebestyén utca, now their fifth showroom. As avid fans of their progress, the showrooms and café-bistros of the Solinfo Group in place for decades, we decided to pay them a visit. We have long seen so many exciting, practical and/or beautiful objects in one place, especially from the world of Scandinavian design. Welcome to Home of Solinfo!

When talking about contemporary Scandinavian design, you are immediately reminded of objects with clean, fine use of materials and exceptional lines. As a resource, however, locals here have mostly only been able to use the internet, as Budapest has lacked these kinds of genre-defining shops.

Until now. In early December, right during Advent, the illuminated outlet of the Home of Solinfo store was turned on for the first time.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

Some 40 to 50 brands are represented here, exciting and beautiful decorative and utility items aligned on easy-to-understand shelving systems, whose physicality can now be admired – this adds realism to the online shopping experience. After all, touching many designer products, thanks to the use of materials, excites and entices you until they find a way into your home.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

You may already be familiar with the names of Tom Dixon, Roche Bobois, Molteni and Vitra thanks to the Solinfo Group, but now they’ve filled their 400-square-metre store with stock that is quite unusual and covers all price ranges.

Among their furniture, lamps and accessories, everyone can find the right brand or item to suit their wallet – this will bring customers closer and they will be able to attract a much wider circle to the business, in addition to their existing customers.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

You might say that the idea of ​​Home of Solinfo has matured over some time but, in fact, it was the pandemic that planted the seed. With the increase in the number of hours spent indoors, the creation of a cosy, comfortable home began to occupy the minds of more and more people, some of whom started rapid renovations, adjustments and home improvements.

Most of the time, this doesn’t involve knocking out walls or changing floor coverings, but making minor but spectacular modifications. A new lamp, home textile, vase or scent, for example, can also be a big step towards the ideal home.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

In addition to beauty and aesthetics, Scandinavia is also known for its functionality, which best describes the products of Home of Solinfo. These are not just decorations, accessories for the kitchen and bathroom, textiles, dining table ornaments and bright posters, they also have little things for everyday use. Both locals and tourists should find them handy, items such as keychains and water bottles also included in the range here.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

The question may arise whether Hungarian designers can also fit into the concept of Nordic design. This would be the next step because, in addition to international brands, they would love to involve local designers in this unique business, although right now this is only a sign of things to come.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő

Of course, having a showroom doesn’t mean the end of the webshop – many products are also available online and in the store, but there are differences between their stocks, as well. Careful selection in a practical sense means cherry-picking their products, as market research and monitoring are very important principles. 

This is no different at the latest, fifth showroom either. Very serious research preceded the opening and they would also like to constantly keep their shelves up-to-date so that popular products and items by different brands can frequently be changed alongside, with seasonal offers such as the Advent or summer collection.

Photo: Gosztom Gergő - Solinfo

Just to name a few brands, products by Bloomingville from posters to mug sets, beautiful bedsheets from byNord, Nordal trays, pots and marble dishes, Novoform fairy-wood decorations and textiles, Meraki fragrance diffusers, 101 Copenhagen vases, Hübsch goods from glasses to table lamps, plus stunning ceramics by HKliving, can all now be found at Home of Solinfo.

Home of Solinfo
1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 19 

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