Recently opened in the convivial vicinity of Feneketlen Lake, under the shade of huge chestnut trees, Este11 offers ice-cold cocktails, Hungarian wines and BBQ specialities.

Feneketlen Lake has always been one of the most pleasant spots in now trendy District XI. Although the open-air concert stage has long gone, there’s still a wide range of activities such as an outdoor gym, a running track and a playground, with shade provided by beautiful old trees.

Food and drink have never been a strong point, however, so Tamás Fazekas’ lakeside locale is ideal, especially once you throw in delicious BBQ dishes.

Many might know the tennis club on Villányi út, but its large back garden has always been underused. It just happens to have nice big trees, including a giant chestnut in the middle, that provide cooling shade in the afternoon, and in the evening, when the fairy lights spark up, the foliage adds mystery to the party mood.

It feels like a hidden oasis, and there’s music, too. On 7 July the DJs of Pure Lust spin, before Henri Gonzo/Fran Palermo play an unplugged show on 9 July.

Classic cocktails are priced from 2,050 forints, there are long drinks and Hungarian wines. Meats are prepared for seven or eight hours on the barbecue in the back of the courtyard, and are served with salads. The pulled-pork sandwich (HUF 2,950) comes with smoked peppers and a soft roll.

The less ravenous can go for the chicken wings (7 pieces with garnish/HUF 2,200) or salmon salad (HUF 3,259) while two hungry guests can order the two-person grill platter (HUF 5,750), which features those meats, plus coleslaw and beetroot-and-sweetcorn salad. A blue-cheese sauce brings out the flavour of the meats.

Este11 is an ideal post-work spot whose ambience gets livelier as the party kicks into gear. Just the thing for another hot summer.

Venue information

1113 Budapest, Villány út 14 
Open: Daily 5pm-midnight