The I O line and round studio, which also designs furniture for the Opera House, has created a new Bauhaus-inspired collection, Burnt Geometry. The sofas, decorated with colourful geometric patterns, will be on view at the Zipernowksy Stúdió on Bartók Béla út from 12 to 14 May.

The design of the Burnt Geometry furniture collection, conceived by Annabella Hevesi, was inspired by the likes of Lajos Kassák and Vasarely, pioneers of new genres in the 20th century, as well as by the traditions of Hungarian enamel art.

Produced by the I O line and round design studio, Burnt Geometry plays with bright colours and shapes, combining a contemporary approach to design with the technological and theoretical know-how of its predecessors, showing outstanding quality in form and workmanship.

Each object has been created using new or undeservedly marginalised technologies and materials. The special sofas, lamps and other furniture will be on display at the Zipernowsky Stúdió from 5pm on 12 May until 14 May.

Event information

Burnt Geometry collection
Zipernowsky Stúdió
1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 33
From 12-14 May