Celebrations have been long held in City Park on May Day – in fact, since the time when ballooning was a popular activity around 120 years ago. Now the sport is being revived, only the balloon is tethered to the top of a small hill in the park, and launches according to a set timetable. The piloted balloon will be in operation until New Year’s Eve.

From Sunday, 1 May, up to 30 people at a time can be taken up above City Park by balloon to gaze over Budapest from a height of 150 metres. The point of departure and return is Mimóza Hill, a small hillock designed to be a lookout point when the Ballon Captif was tethered here during the Hungarian Millennial celebrations of 1896.

Back then, French capitaine Louis Godard piloted the balloon that flew up to 14 passengers at a time. The present-day attraction also commemorates the occasion some 125 years later.

Passengers will reach the maximum height in about five minutes, spend about the same amount of time aloft, then return the surface in five minutes. The minimum age limit is six years old and family tickets are available.

Details and prices can be found here.