Son of the prominent entrepreneur who brought Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken to Hungary, Alex Hemingway has just opened his own pizzeria in downtown Budapest. California-style CAZA does everything thick where Neapolitan is thin.

California-style pizza uses a dough base similar to Neapolitan or New York-style, fermented with yeast. In addition to sit-in, à la carte whole pizzas, CAZA offers street-food slices, with vegetarian and vegan varieties as part of the regular assortment.

Apart from the Italian San Marzano tomatoes, the flour and mozzarella, everything is sourced from small domestic producers. They haven’t made changes to cater to Hungarian tastes but wanted to create authentic foreign flavours.

The star of the show is The Trip, a thick, rectangular, pizza that brings out the character of the Italian sausage, after 11 minutes of baking time, then two without a baking tray so that the base gets its characteristic crunchy texture. The picture is completed by their own Angry sauce.

1051 Budapest, József Attila utca 20