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Tuck into Uruguayan rib-eye steak burgers at Normafa Grill Terrace


  • Péter Blazsovszky

16/07/2021 12.42pm

The area around the popular excursion destination of Normafa has undergone a spectacular transformation, including the development of the Normafa Grill Terrace restaurant. There’s plenty to choose from – terrace table or food truck? barbecue or takeaway picnic package? – and all is under the able direction of László Papdi, the renowned chef formerly of the Párisi Udvar. Currently, it's open Friday through Sunday, embellishing any weekend jaunt.

Terrace at Normafa Grill Terrace

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

Anyone who hasn't been to Normafa for a while is in for a surprise. Amid tidy surroundings and renovated buildings, the convivial outdoor tables at the Normafa Grill Terrace allow you to peruse the menu amid pleasant birdsong.

Cumin-flavoured goulash

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

Goulash is always a way to test the mettle of any Hungarian kitchen – if it’s well-prepared, then the more complex dishes should be good. And this goulash soup with Angus beef (HUF 1,850) did not disappoint, accompanied with freshly baked corn bread and full of flavours, enhanced by cumin and (warn the children!) hot pepper alongside to add yourself.

Uruguayan rib-eye steak burger

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

One of the great virtues of the Uruguayan rib-eye steak burger with cheddar in a homemade bun (HUF 2,950) is that it contains medium steak instead of a patty. The other plus is the bun itself, with an excellent texture, not too dry and not overcooked. It can be ordered with sweet potato fries (HUF 700).

A food truck awaits

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

Among a wealth of dessertstapioca custard with mango purée and fresh fruit, panna cotta (each HUF 750), cheesecake (HUF 1,120) – the Somlói galuska (HUF 680) stands out, mainly thanks to Papdi Laci rising to the occasion with hint of orange.

Picnic package

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

Hikers can also pick up a picnic package (HUF 18,000/2 people, plus deposit for the basket) with Serrano ham, Irish cheddar, goose liver, premium olives, white asparagus, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and a bottle of special 2019 Hermann Emerencia Family Winery Furmint.

Photo: Normafa Grill Terrace

The menu will soon be reduced, with a food truck coming into play, but for the meantime, sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of the terrace at the top of Budapest.

Normafa Grill Terrace
District XII. Eötvös út 52–54
Current opening hours: Fri-Sat 11am-9.30pm, Sun 11am-9pm
Bus 21/21A from Széll Kálmán tér/Children's Railway

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