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Hungary’s rock family trees – charting the bands of Budapest’s beat era


  • Gábor Wágner

22/04/2021 10.09am

Graphic artist and music fan Ákos Vizi has created a pop history of Hungary with a difference. His easy-to-follow flow chart shows how the big names of the 1960s, some still active today, formed, changed line-ups and, quite often, broke up. For those unfamiliar with rock under Communism, even the band names are a treat – how would ‘the Biscuits’ have gone down in London? Who on earth in canine-reverent Hungary calls their group Dogbeaters? Take a look!

After his successful visual renditions of Budapest’s party places over certain decades, music historian and graphic artist Ákos Vizi has now created his own version of the UK’s long-established rock family trees.

Photo: Vizi Ákos

Here, though, Ákos has created something more colourful, linear and clear. At the top of the huge board is a timeline, below, the bands and musicians, each given a different colour.

You can easily see who the legendary performers of the beat era, singers included, accompanied each other. The chart is already in a browsable size, so you don’t even have to click through or download.

Ákos is already in the studio, working on a follow-up album: the 1970s!

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