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Another package-free store opens in Budapest – local couple sets up Lemérem by Bikás Park


  • Annamária Jász

24/03/2021 2.29pm

Anna Kaló-Szabó and her husband, Márk Kaló, first came across the world of trade and hospitality after their daughter was born. Until then, Anna was involved in online marketing, Márk was a bioscience teacher. The couple was motivated by environmental awareness to set up a package-free store by Bikás Park not ten minutes from where they live in Kelenföld.

Young families, joggers, dog walkers and residents of the surrounding communal blocks can now get involved in an environmentally conscious lifestyle while frequenting Bikás Park. Lemérem (‘I'll Weigh It’) offers foodstuffs measured out as you wait, and zero-waste lifestyle accessories, napkins and canvas sandwich packs.

A children's corner has also been created, to be made available once as the coronavirus situation lifts.

Photo: Lemérem

Along a counter made of recycled beams, durable goods and delicacies are lined on bamboo shelves: coffee beans, bulgur, millet, rice, couscous, lentils, chickpeas, oatmeal, strawberry-raspberry muesli, peanuts and sunflower and other seeds, six types of flour, brewer's yeast, pasta, salt, sugar and poppy seeds. Cosmetics and bathroom accessories are also available, from cleansing pads to toothpaste to deodorants and cleansers.

Photo: Lemérem

In the case of glass products, the bottle is returned to the producer, so sauces, vegetable mixes, cordials, jams and similar products can be taken home in their own containers.

Look out for Ízeskert jams and cordials, Töviskertem sea buckthorn, poppy and pumpkin seeds by Bertold Kocsis, and the artisanal chili products and sauces by Bácsalmási Finomságok and ChillER Manufaktúra.

Photo: Lemérem

Since Lemérem only opened this week, several other products are yet to arrive, such as pastries by Pékműhely, cheeses by popular producers at Bikás Park Market and cottage-cheese chocolate bars by Etyektej.

Photo: Lemérem

District XI. Tétényi út 39
Current opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm

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