Artbulance from Denmark are bringing an international group of performers to Budapest on a mission – to demonstrate how cultural activity can help people’s health. Artists will be popping out of a pink ambulance to flood the city with week-long happenings, interactive performances and cultural workshops. The whole shebang unfolds between Tuesday and Saturday of next week, 26-30 October.

The healing power of art is the mission of Artbulance, passing through Budapest next week. Arriving on Tuesday, 26 October, Kunstpartiet (‘Art Party’) will spend four days riding their pink ambulance around town, delivering Hamlet’s famous monologue (they’re Danish) or grand arias under people’s balconies.

There will also be a workshop at the Art Quarter Budapest on 30 October, based on physical and creative training. Participants will be wrapped in a full-body Zen costumes to make them unrecognisable, so they can shake up everyday life with anonymous performances.