After successfully setting up by Fény utca market in Buda earlier in the year, the Alaplé Bár is now bringing its base soups to Pest. Healthier and tastier than chucking a stock cube into hot water, the unique mixes created by Alaplé Bár founder, dietitian Éva Király, provide cooking bases to concoct from and soups to take away.

Announcing its entrance last weekend with an introductory showcase of its tasty base soups at the popular producers’ market, Pancs-Gasztroplacc, the Alaplé Bár has crossed the Danube and is now setting up in Pest.

So far, the concept devised by Éva Király, of concocting healthy soup bases, has proved a huge success in Buda, where she has been in business since earlier this year.

Now, without the restrictions of the winter, and with more tourists coming into the city, Éva is branching out. Not only is a new outlet opening on Nagymező utca, one of Pest’s busiest thoroughfares just off Andrássy út, but she has produced her menu in English.

As you can see, the two types of broth, chicken and Angus beef, come in three sizes, each cooked for at least 15 hours. A bottle can be provided (HUF 200) for the litre varieties.

These can then be customised to your taste, Oriental, mushroom or Hungarian, for example, with extra parsley or coriander another add-on. Everything is GMO-free.

Alaplé Bár
District VI. Nagymező utca 10