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US musician Jeff Joyner opens up about his solo project in Budapest

With funky rhythms and fervent authenticity, Jeff Joyner’s new solo project is a dynamic listening experience promising new releases that shouldn’t be missed.

Jeff Joyner is an American-born musician and singer whose love for Budapest and music has led to the creation of not one, but two unique musical ventures in the city. The first, his groovy, evocative band The Serial Chillers, gives us a taste of his personal style, which is expanded upon in the Jeff Joyner solo project.

Jeff came to Budapest six years ago, following his girlfriend at the time. “It was supposed to be a gap year,” he explains, “but then I fell in love with the place”. Over time, Jeff got involved with local open mic night scene, which led to the creation of The Serial Chillers. The band – in which Jeff is both lead guitar and vocalist – produces soulful music mixing indie, funk, rock and psychedelia. Their songs are sometimes silly, often whimsical, and always a comfortable listen. In the wake of the coronavirus, however, Jeff has begun releasing material as a solo venture, which is equally engaging.

“When making a Serial Chillers’ song,” Jeff explains, “we want it to have the sound of our full band, like the experience of playing live. But my solo project can be more liquid, and gives me the freedom to try exploratory ideas, without worrying how they will fit into the branding of the band.”

Jeff’s style is a mix of several genres: modern R&B, soul, blues, funk and electronic sounds all merge seamlessly in his work, with lyrics that catch your attention for their wit and depth. Several new songs by the artist are set to be released soon, including Midnight Drive, expected on 28 May. It’s a song which has been four years in the making, and touches on the melancholy feelings of loving someone who, for whatever reason, you cannot be with at the time. “The vibe,” Jeff explains, “is like a summer evening, when you’re deep in a lot of emotions, and you need to go on a long drive to clear your mind”. 

We are also very much looking forward to Slow Jam, another upcoming release on 4 June, with its smooth summer love vibes with electronic pop sound, as well as being a collaboration with local artists Sayomi, Anatu and two members of The Serial Chillers

A recent release, Hey Babe, is a collaboration with local artist Aidaya, painting a poetic picture of the pain of terminating a long-term relationship, grabbing a metaphor of plants wilting in the autumn. “We think this dramatic song and others like it could gain traction among Budapest’s younger audiophilic crowd,” Jeff explains.

Through laughter and through heartbreak, Jeff Joyner’s music explores all aspects of the human condition, with catchy melodies that you’ll be humming long after you turn off the music. Until the city reopens again to musical ventures, catch Jeff Joyner – and The Serial Chillers – on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


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