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Pancs Gasztroplacc opens zero-waste store in trendy Újlipótváros

Balázs Vajas and his Gasztroplacc team have just opened a zero-waste outlet on Jászai Mari tér, Pancs Bolt – Újlipócia, based on primary producers, promoting a sustainable environment. The aim is to meet the daily needs of the demanding neighbourhood clientele with quality goods at an affordable price.

Building on the experience of running their market on Tompa utca in Ferencváros over the last five years, and encouraged by the success of their webshop during the pandemic, the Pancs Gasztroplacc crew have left their comfort zone to open a new store. 

Pancs Gasztroplacc has become a well-known brand, its customers characterised by their familiarity with producers, underlining their approach to eco-conscious shopping. The fact that these concepts would find favour in trendy Újlipótváros was also an important aspect in the choice of location for Pancs Bolt – Újlipócia.

Hopefully, the neighbourhood will soon get to know the unique selection as well as discerning shoppers in Ferencváros do, with similar demand for, say, Tibor Bodor’s mustard or premium sausages from Kiss Meat Workshop in Jászberény.

In addition, you can find fine baked goods by Freyja and Szabi a Pék, Roastopus specialty coffees and dairy products from organic Élőbolygó.

Among the smaller brands, there’s delicious cakes by János Hegedűs of A Sütis, vegan milks from Mit iszol?, organic vegetables from Szorgos Gazda and many more interesting and delicious products, from seeds to dried goods.

As Pancs founder Balázs Vajas puts it: “Currently, neither the producers nor the Hungarian market are ready for a complete packaging exemption, so we have previously assessed the needs of companies, looking for alternatives. 

We are not a delicatessen, but rather an alternative shop that is confident that we can reinforce the change in people that the pandemic has already triggered. Many people have started to look at themselves and appreciate their environment better, so our target audience is constantly growing. Let's face it, many small households do not want to buy pounds of packaging”.

Budapest's food revolution

“People will have a much more intimate relationship with food, which will result in a completely different quality of life,” Balázs continues.

A terrace is expected on Jászai Mari tér this month, and pop-up events will also be part of the concept, such as joint cooking and showcasing popular bloggers and producers

Natural wines are another area for Panc to explore – they have a close relationship with Attila PálffyDorka HomokyZsolt SütőMátyás PágerOszkár Maurer and many others. 

There are also plans to develop a product line running under their own brand and to involve additional franchise partners, but quality and value for money won’t be sacrificed for the sake of expansion.

Pancs Bolt – Újlipócia
District XIII. Jászai Mari tér 4 
Current opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-7pm, Sat 9am-2pm


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