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Two leading figures in Budapest’s culinary scene, András Jókuti and Károly Gerendai, have joined forces to create Nudli Tésztakantin. The main idea behind it, that diners should sample classic Hungarian pasta dishes in a casual, relaxed environment at affordable prices, has been put to one side until pandemic measures lift. In the meantime, a takeaway/delivery service operates from this downtown location, as well as a pop-up outlet for occasional free delivery around Buda.

Gastro blogger András Jókuti and culinary entrepreneur Károly Gerendai know the value of long-established domestic cooking traditions – as well as high-quality ingredients. Both these concepts come together at Nudli Tésztakantin, offering the kind of dishes made by every Hungarian grandmother, prepared according to kitchen techniques that earned Gerendai Hungary’s first Michelin star for his acclaimed restaurant, Costes.

Hungarian cooking traditions

“I saw a lot of fantasy in Nudli, as after the fine dining sector available to only a few, we finally have the opportunity to open a restaurant where we can reach the many. It’s especially dear to my heart because I see the big favourites of my childhood on the menu again. We consider nurturing traditions to be a kind of mission: these are unique domestic dishes that we aim to create by combining the expert knowledge at Costes and the best ingredients – but at prices affordable for everyone,” says co-owner Gerendai.

In addition to sweet specialities such as poppy-seed noodles and vargabéles, a cottage-cheese noodle cake, the menu includes, of course, the ever-popular túrós csusza, cottage-cheese pasta, and the dependable krumplis or káposztás tészta, potato or cabbage pasta.

Forgotten specialties such as the szombatos layered lamb outlined by Pál Kövi in ​​his classic recipe book The Transylvanian Feast or lecsó galuska, ratatouille dumplings, from the Gypsy kitchen, are also on offer.

Classic dishes with contemporary verve

“It’s time to show what these dishes are like prepared with care and with excellent ingredients. Of course, everyone has strict ideas about what their perfect túrós csusza is like and, after a lot of experimentation and tasting, we are proud to present it in the form we think is best,” says co-owner Jókuti.

A variety of toppings can be chosen for the pasta dishes that are excellent in themselves, from grilled sausage to confit duck leg. The selection is completed by appetisers, soups and desserts.

Three new dishes have been added since the opening a couple of months ago: Hortobágy pancakes and chicken paprikash are two iconic dishes from the Hungarian canon, plus duck strips and cabbage noodles, a dish invented at Nudli.

Collaborating with Pastrami in Óbuda, Nudli also offers occasional free weekend delivery services around Buda – check their Facebook page for the next one!

Otherwise, dishes can be home-delivered by Wolt.

Nudli Tésztakantin
District V. Október 6 utca 8 
Current opening hours for takeaway: Daily 11am-9pm 


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