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Where the city unfolds like a map – Citadella sétány


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9/18/2020 11:36 AM

There is a promenade in Budapest that you don’t think about too often but when you’re strolling along its cobblestones, you vow will visit more often. At the top of Gellért Hill, in the heart of the nature reserve, surrounded by an unbelievable panorama – Citadella sétány is a promenade worthy of investigation, not just a tourist sight on its own.

Good things come to those who struggle, as the old saying might go, and this is somehow true of the promenade alongside the Citadella fortress, atop a steep hill in Buda. People need to be lured to the top of the hill, say the managers responsible for the promenade’s operations, aiming for visitors to get more out of it than just the breeze and the views.

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest

Access to the capital’s highest promenade is most popular on foot, as the road leads from Gellért tér to the top via beautiful green trails. And, en route, you can ponder which delicacy to taste or which one you should start with. A little Hungarian, something traditional, classic American, everyone will find something to their liking on the Citadella street-food promenade. There’s Hungarian fried-dough favourite lángos for those who aren’t afraid to choose a typical delicacy, burgers for hikers with a bigger appetite, spicy sweet potatoes for vegans and ice cream for, well, everyone. 

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest

The aromas from the food stalls sweep down the street, so it’s difficult – in fact, not even worth – going past them without putting a few to the test. The current menu will definitely stay in place until October, and the later goal is to bring a Christmas atmosphere to life on the promenade as well.

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest

If you’re thirsty, the Citadellove terrace will take care of your needs. In their selection of coffees, cocktails and lemonades, you always find the right choice for the time of day and at weekends, different wine exhibitors take it in turns to guarantee a lively, festival-like feeling in the clouds with their delicious tipples. So, along with the special panorama, there’s a refreshment destination if you’re leaving the humdrum of the city behind and below you. Professional cyclists come here, while large families, romancing couples and workers looking to break away from home office, also find their perfect spot. 

Photo: Polyák Attila - We Love Budapest

The atmosphere is jazzed up in the evenings with concerts and street musicians – you can find current events on the Citadellove Facebook page.

District XI. Citadella sétány

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