Broken City contrasts the ruined Budapest of 1945 with today


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9/18/2020 8:31 AM

Created by the recently relaunched Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an offshoot of the legendary Cold-War broadcaster, Broken City is a fascinating photo gallery showing Budapest in ruins after the Siege of early 1945, and the same location 75 years later.

Now an online multimedia service, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty links back to the radio station that broadcast to the East during the Cold War. With a free press still under threat in certain parts of the region, this new medium is still as vital as ever.

Partly using pictures from Fortepan, the Budapest-based open photo archive, RFE/RL has just put together this fascinating before and after photo gallery, showing how certain locations have changed in the 75 years between the end of the Siege of Budapest and the present-day Hungarian capital. Just click on each photo for comparison!

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