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From market to boutique – Pancs Gasztroplacc opens plastic-free shop


  • Jász Annamária

17/09/2020 2.41pm

The Pancs Gasztroplacc producers’ market has been a favourite feature at Élesztőház for the last four years, with communal cooking, reliable goods and a lively atmosphere. Now Pancs has just opened up its own shop, where plastic packaging will be kept to a minimum.

When everything closed in Budapest at the height of the pandemic, Pancs founder Balázs Vajas set up a successful webshop to replace the market so that the relationship between producers and customers would remain in place. At the same time, a tendency to reduce plastic packaging, instigated last year, was also adhered to.

Photo: Pál Dóra

Buying coffee beans by the kilo became popular, although in the case of many specialty coffees, protective packaging is unavoidable. Here, Roastopus beans are sold, and available for sampling on-site. The shop’s wooden infrastructure showcases the handiwork of Csaba Fodor-Simon, and you can find products along the shelves as at other package-free shops.

Other weighed goods include brown cane sugar, chia seeds, tapioca, sundry seeds to garnish a meal, various kinds of rice, buckwheat, walnut kernels, almonds, oatmeal and popcorn, plus a wide range of spices, from star anise to coriander and chili. 

Photo: Pál Dóra

They also sell micro-greens, sprouts, sausages, smoked ham, various flours (such as from Garat Mill, and gluten-sensitive millet, coconut and rice flours) and a very wide selection of pastas, including tomato, shallot, spinach and other variations.

Fruit and vegetable products are sourced from market producers. Several are expanding their businesses or developing new products specifically for Pancs store, such as Kicsiny Gomba Major, which is responsible for dairy products, and egg suppliers Thanya. Market regulars Szorgos Gazda are also represented at the counter with zakuszka pepper spread, pesto and other ready-made products.

Photo: Pál Dóra

Quality baked goods are as difficult to obtain as decent dairy products, so it their availability here of sourdough from Szabolcs Szabadfi must be welcomed. These include the delicious pastries offered for breakfast. The quiches are a hangover from their former partner, Gianni’s Sweets Heaven.

Photo: Pál Dóra

Balázs Vajas’ plans also include the distribution of natural wines and the production of his own vegetable milks and seed butter for vegan customers. They have also had an approach from someone by the Danube Bend to open an outlet there – so franchising has not been ruled out.

Photo: Pál Dóra

Pancs Bolt
District IX. Tompa utca 26
Open: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-2pm 

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