World-famous premium rum matured in Tokaji Aszú oak barrels


  • Nemes Nóra

11/12/2020 3:03 PM

A premium rum from Columbia is the first in the world to be matured in the famed wine barrels normally used for Tokaji. Created with the help of Royal Tokaji master blender Zoltán Kovács, Dictador 2 Masters Royal Tokaji 1977 is unique, rich and complex.

The 2 Masters series of the world-famous Colombian luxury drink brand Dictador delivers rums to renowned liqueur manufacturers across the globe. This means that Dictador master blender Hernan Parra leaves the completion of the products to other respected experts in the field of alcohol. The final stages of creating these award-winning Colombian rums have taken place in cellars in Bordeaux, in French cognac barrels as well as in a Scots whisky distillery.

Two masters, two locations and two processes combined create something truly unique, and to add an exciting aroma to the original drinks. So far, a total of seven such collaborations have occurred, and now a 43-year-old rum has assumed a new final form thanks to Royal Tokaji winemaker Zoltán Kovács, in barrels normally containing the classic Hungarian sweet wine, Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos. 

The rum first started developing in American oak barrels in Colombia, in 1977. After a long journey, it arrived in Hungary in January, 2020, making its way into the 12-year-old, 300-litre Zemplén oak barrels of the Royal Tokaji Winery. Following the sweet Tokaji wine in the barrels, the rum has a touch of its taste, in addition to hints of tropical fruit and honey.  

Only 500 will be available from the premium drink, all bottled in Tokaj itself, north-east Hungary. The glass label on the numbered bottles is decorated with the fingerprints of Parra and Kovács, certifying the uniqueness of the rum. The 2 Masters Certificate inside the decorative box further proves the origin and quality of the product.  

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